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SAQA Auction 1: Five Circles and a Line

The season is coming soon for the SAQA / Studio Art Quilt Associates annual fundraising auction:  bidding begins September 15th.  To learn more about the auction, go here. For my first collection, I chose Five Circles and a Line.


Lune Rouge by Gerrie Congdon. This quilt just about jumped off the screen at me. Although I have never been an abstracts person, I have always loved circles. The hand stitching and combination of red-orange and blue is wonderful!

Susan Else is a master at what she does and her stellar work always goes quickly. “Chorus” reminded me of what I called the “Sleepy Hollow dog bark” growing up. Each evening, around 9:30 to 10 pm, a dog would start barking in our little valley called Sleepy Hollow (in San Anselmo, California). The next dog would hear, then the next. Pretty soon, dogs all up and down Butterfield Road would be barking–I’d open the car windows and listen as I went home.

Lorraine Roy’s tree quilts have inspired me for years. Her series of tree rings with imagery is inspiring and it is all I can do NOT to copy they general idea!

Judith Content, best known for her shibori dyeing and kimono-shaped art quilts, is having fun here with these 3-D chocolate truffles.

Again, I’m not much of an abstract person, but I love the motion and spontaneity in Sherri Lipman McCauley’s piece Subtle Circles. The careful use of blue and black/gray in different weight lines and values (light/dark) is just right.

And I had to add Sarah Entsminger’s perfect line–her recent work has really spoken to me. I love the simplicity and perfection, the minimalism with lots of quilting, the careful use of dyed fabric with ideal placement of value and line…just SWOON!

Stay tuned for a few more collections in the coming weeks.  Which pieces would you bid on, budget permitting?   If I ever win a Mega-Millions (which would of course require me to buy a ticket or two first), I vow here and now to buy a couple SAQA Auction pieces each year!   As it is, I save my pennies and every couple of years hope one of the ones I want most lasts until I can afford it!


2 Responses to “SAQA Auction 1: Five Circles and a Line”

  1. Gerrie Congdon Says:

    Thank you for including me in this stellar group.

  2. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    You totally deserve to be in that