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XOXO 2022


XOXO 2022


XOXO 2022 was created for a local quilt guild chapter challenge which was to meet the theme XOXO and be 22" tall.  For some time I had been wanting to play with more spontaneous processes including using my beloved thermofax screens (some of the designs feature celery, onions and chicken feathers) as well as monoprinting using a synthetic gelatin (Gelli) plate.  Nothing but nothing creates a line and edge in printing like gelli printing! 

Using commercial colored cottons, I selected a cohesive range of colors, mixed paints, and then played!  

For most, the immediate thought on seeing XOXO is the abbreviation for hugs and kisses, and that was certainly in my mind.  But for the past few years, and sometimes in life in general, you are put in a box.  Our houses are variations on the theme of square.  Our roads are variations of the grid in so many towns and cities.  COVID has kept us indoors, separated from our neighbors, friends and families.  

I was also inspired by some innovative art quilts made on screen mesh or effectively creating their own lattice.  As my mind wandered one day the idea of creating a shadow play using "hardware cloth" came to mind.  Hardware cloth can be a 1/2" or 1/4" grid of wire and is used for many things, including to keep critters from coming into your house through vents.  I remembered my "Getty Museum" quilts, Conversations, inspired by the stunning shadows cast by the tables and chairs in the courtyard.  

Size:  22 x 22 inches.

Price: $1250.  This mixed media art quilt will be for sale, but first I hope to enter it into a SAQA exhibit.  If you are interested, please contact me to discuss availability.  Price does not include shipping.