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Published in Australia’s Quilters Companion!

It’s been rather the international year for me, since my Milkweed No. 2 art quilt, in “a matter of time” exhibit curated by Australian Brenda Gael Smith (no relation alas!) has also been published in Quilters Companion, an Aussie magazine!

Cover of Quilters Companion; first line item on the red banner at the bottom is A Matter of Time.

Opening pages of the article.

and here’s “my” page, with my new friend and fellow exhibitor Mirjam Aigner.   I have to say I love the internet…how else would I have found this call for entry, sent my quilt off to the other side of the world to tour, and made new friends without having met them in person?

My Milkweed No. 2, on the left, and Mirjam Aigner’s multi-layered work on the right.

You’ll have to track down a copy of the magazine to see the other quilts.  I do miss the days when international postage wasn’t insane!  I used to subscribe to an Aussie and a New Zealand quilt magazine, but the  price became prohibitive.  But for an issue in which I’m published, yep, I’ll take that!

4 Responses to “Published in Australia’s Quilters Companion!”

  1. Kristin Freeman Says:

    Sarah…it just warms my heart to see all the wonderful art you are making, the teaching you are doing across the country and the publication of your work around the globe; it has been a journey of following you for over 10 year, from your days in Friday Harbor! and every step on your beautiful growth as an artist has been a joy for me to be stepping along watching you soar. Brava, my friend

  2. Patricia L Walters Says:

    Wonderful, Sarah!

  3. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    You are such a sweetheart! THANK YOU! And I have to say, I am simply astounded. If someone had told me in 2004 when we moved to Maine that all this wonderfulness would have happened to me, I would never have believed it. So today, bookkeeping (ugh), turning my sales tax forms to Maine (ugh, the reason the bookkeeping must be done by 5 days from now, even though I haven’t sold a thing in Maine), then (YIPPEEE) getting two books from the library, an online SAQA meeting and starting a new small quilt for something *else* good that will happen in March/later this year! How’s that for a tease? Thank you again…I’m so glad you keep in touch!

  4. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thank you Patricia!