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A little snowman fun amidst minor panic

Ashley’s snowman, sewn on my trusty Janome 9400, using the buttonhole stitch and free motion stitching. 

Do ya ever have those moments when you walk into your studio / crafting space / hides hole and have a near panic attack because there are so many mid-stream projects that serious ADHD kicks in and you can’t do anything because you keep getting distracted by yet another something?  Yeah.   It was one of those days.

I’ve  added enough books and class materials (classes I’ve taken) that my shelves are too full.   So I had to find a box and remove 15+ years of Threads magazines that I never look at to clear space because I’m tired of moving the piles from place to place.  And a bunch more tidying happened.   Really…it was like a minor panic attack.


But Ashley and Joshua are visiting.  And a while back Ashley mentioned that she liked the Apple Pin I gave her, seen here, so much she’d like to do a bunch for each season and holiday.  So I found my felt and the pin backs and made this little guy in under an hour.  He’d look adorable done with real hand stitchers!  I also need to find decent quality pi backs.  These are by Beadalon from my local quilt and fabric shop and they are junk!  Last photo is for scale.

Spool of thread shown to indicate size. Pink back is under hat brim. Need to find much better quality pin backs!

8 Responses to “A little snowman fun amidst minor panic”

  1. Whiskers Says:

    Sooooooooooo, you’ve been in my quilting studio again? and ratting me out again? Oh, well…. only sew much you can sweep under the rug.

    I understand about the pin backs. Give them a good work out in your strawberry emery and it helps.

  2. Jo A Price Says:

    Your pin is beautiful! I like to use magnets on my pins. I hide one part between layers & the other part goes inside whatever you’re wearing it on. A bit pricey but no holes in the clothing.

  3. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    The emery is a good idea for the tips, but these didn’t get cut open on the business end! The wheely-thing barely turns, and there is no corresponding opening to OPEN the dratted thing! And yeah…. send in a bulldozer. And a small dumpster.

  4. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Love that idea, Jo, though I will have to ask Ashley if she thinks it would work. She teaches ages 5-6 / Kindergarten, so I’m wondering if it would get pulled off? Will ask!

  5. M-E Jinno Says:

    Snow man is cute . . .quality pin backs are hard to find.
    Quality anything is hard to find unless you know where to look.

  6. Kelly Says:

    Hi Sarah Ann,
    Yes, chaos and panic are abound here. We have an unfinished kitchen reno that was supposed to be completed in August and is still in progress. My mind keeps thinking of “oh, I could make this or that for Christmas” while I can’t seem to find a place to set up a sewing machine. Thank goodness for handwork!
    Love the snowman,

  7. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Congrats and condolences on the kitchen reno. I did a partial in May and it was SO worth it! I’d love to make some of these with handwork, which usually I don’t do. But they are small enough that my mind can cope with that much stitchery! Thanks so much for writing, S.

  8. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks Margaret-Elaine! Hope you are doing ok…see you eventually at one of our meetings!