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The Frayed Edges, December 2008

Deborah and Hannah…do not look!!!! to the bottom of the post until all packages have arrived in Texas!  There are mid-stream warnings….

Yes, I am still alive, just really busy!  Between (among) Thanksgiving, Mom’s birthday, getting ready for Christmas and whatnot, I’ve been too busy to read let alone write let alone thing.  Sleep?  I remember it fondly.  I’d like more.  LOTS more!

But I did have a wonderful Monday.  Alas, the ice storm that hit the northeast got Hannah….she had been without power for three days, with FOUR daughters ages 3 to 12 or so…. then to add insult to injury, on our meeting day the elementary school in her area closed because (drum roll, sob) there was still no electricity!   So it was just Kate, Kathy and me, and Deborah by phone!  Hannah we missed you! You were certainly there in spirit.

AND, thanks to Kathy, we remembered to take pictures (that cue used to always come from Deborah…now we sometimes forget!).  Here is Kathy’s tree:

Kathy’s tree

and the prezzies under the tree:

Prezzies under Kathy’s tree

And the lovely table Kathy prepared, including critters and a fun plate for Hannah’s youngest daughter, who also didn’t make it since she and mom were home with the three older sisters (wahn! but we understand…been there, done that! and if the power had been out in Camden, I would have been home, too)

Kathy’s lunch table

Kate’s mother-in-law has a recipe for a fabulous peanut curry soup, and I’d been hankering for it, so Kath made it:


I made scones (didn’t turn out so great…rosemary salt, but they were too close to the bottom of the over and got tough on the bottoms…tasted good, but…), and Kate made Deborah’s steamed cranberry pudding for dessert (sorry, no pics)…..

We opened gifties before and after… we started with Deborah’s (Hannah… you need to stop here!); her bag was so cute, sewed shut with little felt leaves, that I opened mine from the bottom:

Opening Deborah’s bag from the bottom

It’s such a hoot… Deborah made Judy Coates Perez’s ornaments from this years Quilting Arts Gifts magazine, and Kate and I had planned to make Judy’s ornaments from LAST year’s issue, but didn’t have the time or couldn’t get the materials in time! I’ll take a picture of my new Frayed Edges ornaments on the tree and post later…..  Here is Kathy looking at the zine Deborah made for a swap;…. I totally love it and am planning an indulgent hour alone with it later this week:

Kathy looking at Deborah’s zine

We took a lunch break, and I spotted Kathy’s photo holder:  a string of beads with clips interspersed.  Since we have one of those AWFUL stainless steel fridges that don’t hold magnets but DO hold every fingerprint that ever passed through the house, I think I shall make one of these hangers for next to the fridge:

Kathy’s photo display

DEBORAH:  you need to stop here!

After lunch, I fell off the photo wagon and forgot to take pics of Kate’s gift, and mine… so you’ll have to do with a photo of the ornaments I made … took the photo (obviously) before gift wrapping… they are inspired by some cool lobster buoys I saw at Marriner’s (a local diner)…will try to get photos of them, too… but for now here you go:

Sarah’s buoys

That’s it for now!

2 Responses to “The Frayed Edges, December 2008”

  1. LoieJ Says:

    I’d want to move to your neighborhood! And I can stand the cold and snow.

  2. Jacquie Says:

    I’m with Loie! Maybe I should have moved back to Maine instead of to Vermont — you do have the best parties! Any chance of the recipe for the soup?