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Be Inspired, Part 8–A Ribbon!

Hallelujah, the quilt was done in time to deliver to Maine Quilts last Wednesday.  When hubby and I went up on Friday to see the show (hooray!  first time ever he has gone with me…of course, given the downpour torrential rain and the crowds inside, I may never get him to another!), I got worried as we worked our way back through the judged section:  lots of third place ribbons and honorable mentions, but FEW reds and blues…. meaning tough judging.  When I saw my quilt, though, boy did I smile:


Yep, that’s a blue ribbon (one of five in the entire show, and the other four were traditional quilts!) AND a Judges’ Choice from Kathy Kansier (website here).  When I went to her classroom to thank her, I learned she is also this year’s Jewel Pearce Patterson scholarship winner for quilt teachers…way to go!  Plus, she’s going to have a special exhibit at the Quilt Festival in Houston of her doorways and archways quilts… I’ve been taking pictures of doors and gates and windows for 30 years! Can’t wait to see it…anyway, Thank you, Kathy!

Here’s a picture of me (and yes, I have lost 18 pounds!  about 12 more to go….) looking quite happy (thanks to Paul for taking the picture):


And a “neighborhood” shot of the row:


I’ll blog about the show later in the week, and also give some close-up shots of the insane quilting…..

26 Responses to “Be Inspired, Part 8–A Ribbon!”

  1. lisa walton Says:

    Way to go Sarah – you are a clever one.

  2. Brenda Says:

    Congratulations Sarah! I’ve really enjoyed your series of blog posts sharing the steps in the evolution of this quilt. I’ve learned a little US history along the way too.

  3. Robin Koehler Says:

    WHOO HOO!! You so deserved it!

  4. Linda Steele Says:

    Congratulations, what a thrill after all that work.

  5. Rhoda Forbes Says:

    Congratulations! What a fantastic quilt, it deserved a blue ribbon .

  6. Carol Thompson Says:

    The quilt is fantastic. And the ribbons are fantastic. And you look fantastic, darling. Congratulations on getting it done in time and garnering two ribbons. How long will it be before your feet are on the ground again?

  7. A. Carole Grant Says:

    You Rock,Sarah!! Way to go girl!!
    So deserved, you are such an inspiration to many of us!!

  8. Kay Sorensen Says:

    It IS an amazing quilt and deserved this award along with every other one it will be winning as it is exhibited.

  9. B Hunter Says:

    Now you can get some sleep. Amazing work and what a way to document the process of the ‘Whole’ project!
    Can’t wait to see the next panel!!!

  10. Sandra Wyman Says:

    Congratulations – this is an amzing quilt. The blue ribbon is well deserved. And congrats on the weight-loss too.

  11. Sandra Wyman Says:

    Congratulations – this is an amzing quilt. The blue ribbon is well deserved. And congrats on the weight-loss too.

  12. Sandra Wyman Says:

    Congratulations – this is an amzing quilt. The blue ribbon is well deserved. And congrats on the weight-loss too.

  13. Karen Fridy Says:

    Yay for you!! Congratulations on a much deserved award – the quilt is AWESOME!

  14. Maggie in E. Central Illinois Says:

    Congratulations! It is a fantastic piece of art and well deserving of the awards and accolades!

  15. LoieJ Says:

    Hooray. Wonderful quilt.

  16. Judi Says:

    congratulations Sarah!!! You sure got this quilt done in record time.

  17. Kathy Schmidt Says:

    You are an amazing woman and the finished quilt is awesome. Well-deserved awards! Following the process was an education, not only for quilting, but for how to do more than any one person should be able to do! Did you ever think you would be an inspiration? Well, you are. Congratulations.

  18. rhea Says:

    Hey Lady!


    Your quilt (and YOU!)look great!



  19. Gloria E Says:

    Wonderful quilt! Congratulations on ribbons. You look great too…inspires me to stay on my diet and excercise more too.

  20. Lida Letey Says:

    what a great job Congratulation on the ribbons. You should getan extra ribbon for the weight loss. this inspires me to stay on my diet and excersie progam also

  21. Ann Tetreault Says:

    I saw your quilt on Saturday at the show and it was AMAZING!! I followed your progress on your blog, and was truly honored to see your hard work in person.
    Your ribbon was well deserved. I heard only good comments from the other patrons at the show about your quilt.

  22. Fran Wessel Says:

    Sarah I’m so proud of you! In your work, your writing, and that lovely figure! All take courage, discipline and inspiration. You’re a winner and you have ribbons to prove it!
    Best stuff,

  23. Fitzy Says:

    Congrats Sarah, you’re amazing!

    Glad you got that nice colored backdrop, it made your quilt sing even louder.

    Can’t wait to see your quilting shots.

  24. Leigh-Anne Crooke Says:

    Awesome – wonderful quilt and congrats on the wonderful achievement

  25. Lisa Champion Says:

    Congratulations! on your blue ribbon! But also congratulations on losing 18 pounds! I know you will lose the other 12 without a problem because you look really wonderful in the above picture! I know you must feel great physically and it’s such a positive feeling that it just pushes you on to lose the rest. Good for you!

  26. Frances Says:

    big congrats Sarah for blue ribbon and weight loss,

    I haven’t been reading blogs or posting for months I’m pleased I didn’t miss this,
    best thoughts Frances