Quilt Market, October 2009–Part 1

Quilt Market is THE trade show for the quilt industry.  It takes place every fall in Houston, and in spring at a sequence of cities around the U.S.  I had only been once before–in 2003 I think it was–in Portland, Oregon, with my dearest friend Marie.  What an overwheleming experience and eye-opener!  I knew within 30 minutes that I did NOT want to do the “designer and have a booth at Market” thing for my career, but that I DID want to be a part of the industry.
This year, AQS really  put on the extra push to get my book into print in time for Market, and arranged book signings both in their booth and in Peterson-Arne, one of the major distributors to quilt shops.  The photo above is the AQS booth, and you can see that they included two of my quilts on their wall, including The Wall right under the AQS banner (with my book smack dab under it!), and Tea over on the right.  The two projects on the table are in the book!

Marge Boyle, the AQS marketing person, put together some very nice name cards and easel-display thingies which I was able to use later when doing book signings at Festival, in my booth, and later here in Maine at book-signings.  Thanks Marge!  Here is the close-up of the center of the booth’s wall:


The booth was at the back of the hall….right near the ladies room!  As Libby Lehman walked by while I was signing, one of the editors immediately went over to say hello, brought to introduce her to me, and we gave her one of my books.  Needless to say, I felt quite sheepish–I mean, I’m just me, and she is the Queen, Master…Empress??? of Thread (except she is so nice and friendly those all sound too uppity–she’s just the master!).

To my utter delight, on Thursday one of my students from MOnday came dashing in…she was in Libby’s class that day, and of the three books Libby recommended for machine quilting, MINE was one of them!   MY OH MY!!!!   It is SO AFFIRMING to have someone with Libby’s expertise and stature say good things–after all, she doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall, and for her to think I’ve done well… WOW!   I know I did my best, but it sure makes you feel wonderful to know that someone who is THE expert agrees that I’ve done a good job.  PHEW!

And a view of another table in the booth:


Life is good!

7 Responses to “Quilt Market, October 2009–Part 1”

  1. Jacquie in Vermont Says:

    I think AQS has done you proud! Keep up the momentum that Quilt Market and the show have given you with the book sales and the sky will be your limit!

  2. Terri Says:

    Congratulations! WOW…I know what you mean about Libby Lehman. I agree with you about market…I’m always overwhelmed and I only attend Spring markets, which are smaller than Houston. Don’t get me wrong…I love going (and buying), but it’s BIG!

  3. Louise in SW Saskatchewan Says:

    I got my copy of your book this week and have just looked through it since I am on a 10 countdown to my open studio next Saturday. From what I’ve seen, this book is even more amazing than I thought previously. You have done an awesome job Sarah!!

    I showed it to my studio neigbhor and she copied the info down to check it out herself……i did suggest she buy it directly from you at your website.

    Arrival of the book is very timely…..after the open studio, it will be time to settle in for some concentrated studio creation time for show entry work. I will be referring to it again and again, I’ve no doubt!

  4. Debby H. Says:

    I’m loving your book! Devouring every word and then going to try it out in the studio! Why wouldn’t Libby Lehman recommend your book, it’s awesome and everything is broken down so clearly! Oh and by the way, I just love your pictures with the arrows and circles! Sometimes I never am quite sure what I’m looking for in people’s pictures on the internet! Great job, just like your book, very clearly illustrated!

  5. Maggie in E. Central Illinois Says:

    Yes, having Libby Lehman recommend your book is very affirming! You have “arrived” my friend!

  6. Sally Says:

    Congratulations on your new found success. Your work is wonderful and your book is a wealth of information. Love your style of writing. So glad you wrote it. Enjoy Houston! Sally

  7. Betty Johnson Says:

    Sarah, what a wonderful validation of your work! I am so looking forward to seeing you Saturday and finally having my own copy of THE BOOK.