Quilt Market–October 2009, Part 2

When I wasn’t working in a booth to promote my book, I got to dash around Market madly getting an overview of things, dropping off my pattern packets for the distributors and meeting old and new friends.

I FINALLY got to meet Susan Brubaker Knapp, an amazingly talented woman, internet friend, and fellow working mom.  Here is her website and blog, and a picture of happy Susan at Market:


We have written back and forth for several years.  Our careers are both taking off on parallel but forward-moving tracks.  Check out Susan’s blog and booklet/pattern Applique Petal Party from C&T (I’ll have more on that and a give-away of a copy in the not too distant future!).

A few moments later, the ever-lovely Bonnie McCaffrey came by; she is now the official videographer for IQA, so if you see any cool videos on the Quilts, Inc., website about festival, they are Bonnie’s handiwork (click on that link to get to various videos).  She is also an amazingly talented art quilter and teacher!  Here we all are:


Later, I happened by Linda McGehee’s booth, and fell into severe zipper lust:


I can see a Frayed Edges zipper challenge (and an order to Linda’s website, Ghee‘s)!

One of the best things about Houston is meeting on-line friends in person.  Since Marie was home this year (she is my regular roomie!) I got lucky, and roomed with Larkin Van Horn.  Larkin lives out near where I used to live and Marie still lives, and she stayed with me when she came out to San Juan Island to teach six or so years ago.  During Market, we went to dinner in the hotel, so here we are (well, I’m behind the camera):  Larkin on the left, Bonnie across from Larkin, and Lyric Kinard (author of Art + Quilt, just released   and in my reading pile–I’ll review it when I get it read but so far it looks great!) in red:


We talked books, and I am currently REALLY enjoying some mysteries (recommended by either Larkin or Lyric?) by Julia Spencer Fleming… some much needed mental R&R!

2 Responses to “Quilt Market–October 2009, Part 2”

  1. Jacquie in Vermont Says:

    I am so jealous! There you were hanging out with some of my favorite QA people and you all were having such fun … I’m mostly kidding, but it must have been a real blast.
    I checked out the new to me author and have added 6 books to my BooksFree list … I’ll have to see if my friend Betty, an Episcopal priest, is aware of them.
    Looking forward to the next installment of your Houston adventures!

  2. Marie Z Johansen Says:

    Oh Wicked One!
    I MUST have some of those delightful zippers. How could you taunt me so?!