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D Minor Harmonized

So much has been going on that I’ve been really busy, have a ton of things to share with all of you, stuff quilty, home-y, but sometimes a mom’s just gotta brag on her kids.  In this case, I need to share what Joshua has been doing.  Many of you may remember the portrait art quilt I did of Joshua playing his guitar a little over a year ago (most of the posts are in April and May 2010….beginning  here.   Well, now you get to hear him play his latest composition….

I know Joshua wrote the music as well as played it, but I think he also recorded a couple of tracks and meshed them on the computer in Garage Band (software on the Mac).  He did this YouTube on his girlfriend’s laptop, and she may not have a built-in camera like mine does (which he used for the next clip).  No matter what, Way cool, kiddo! 

Joshua clearly has talent (and has practiced and played a LOT), which he did not inherit from me!  Music skipped my generation, but mama was good at piano, singing, and loved classical music.  Joshua’s taste is mostly *really* heavy metal, but he writes beautiful music as you can tell.   Here’s another piece that is the type of music he usually plays / shreds:

How he can keep all those notes, in order, in his head and then out of his very fast fingers defies comprehension!  But he does it….and well!  (Proud mama beaming!)

I’ll be back soon (I hope!) with pictures of the painted basement center area, nearly the last fix-up in the studio, some watercolors from a journaling class online with Jane LaFazio, teaching in Nebraska, painting what was Joshua’s room (he moved into an apartment with his girlfriend) and is now Paul’s new office, a shelf for mugs in the kitchen, and other assorted “life” that has been keeping me busy!

6 Responses to “D Minor Harmonized”

  1. Judy Warner Says:

    Hi Sarah
    Sounds like summer is flowing beautifully. Enjoyed listening to your son’s music. He is amazingly talented. Enjoy the summer!

  2. Audrey B Says:

    Not only is Joshua talented, he is grown up. When did that happen? I think of him as a young guy still.

  3. JACQUIE Says:

    I really like the first piece while the second one is a technical marvel. I hope Josh lets you share more of his music with us.

  4. Sally Says:

    You have a right to be proud! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Maggie Szafranski Says:

    Magical flying fingers! He thinks in notes, tones, and rhythms, while we think in colors, textures, and lines!

  6. Betty Johnson Says:

    I believe the word these days is AWESOME.