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I’m Living “The Quilt Life”

WOWIE ZOWIE!   When you’re a quilter, there are a couple of real “biggie” things that can happen.  Getting in to one of the major shows (done that), winning an award at a big show (done that! Second Place at Houston, Honorable Mention at the NQA show), being published (done that, a lot fortunately), but up there with winning an award is being on the cover (still hoping) of a major magazine, or featured on the last page in what I think of as the Grand Finale page where most magazines profile one quilt.  Guess what…… DONE THAT thanks to Jan Magee (editor) and company at The Quilt Life magazine, which is one of my favorite quilt magazines (along with Quilters Newsletter).  My art quilt “Fields of Gold” made the final page!

Here is that last page, 86… I mean PINCH ME?  Is this real?!?!?!  It MUST be, because I finally have a copy in my happy hands!

Page 86, April 2012 issue of The Quilt Life

And talk about WOW… they included me on the page with the other quilters in this issue…what a line-up…and me, next to them!!! Plus, I’m right next to the amazing Suzanne Marshall, who was my roomie when I taught at AQS-Paducah in 2008.  Suzanne is so much fun!  I can hardly believe I’m on the page where, in the last issue, Noriko Endo’s quilt was featured!  Who ME?????

The quilters in this issue page....I'm on the right and LOVE that they chose my favorite "head shot"...the one with the dog! so much more fun than the usual mug shot! It's a PUG shot!

And a final bit of kindness… I had thought this would end up only on their website or blog (blog link here), but it’s on p. 18–a note that this quilt is, sadly, one of two lost.  The whole sad story is here.  Thanks so much, Jan, for adding this note.  If there is any hope of someone spotting this quilt, this will help SOOOOOO much!

Note about this quilt being lost....sigh....

Thank you to Jan Magee, the wonderful editor of The Quilt Life, for asking to publish my quilt, to Ricky, Alex and the entire gang that put together The Quilt Life for such a fun magazine….now I’m off to read it cover to cover and pinch myself yet again… wow, this really happened!


17 Responses to “I’m Living “The Quilt Life””

  1. JACQUIE Says:

    Ain’t recognition great! Now if someone spotsd ‘Fields of Gold’ and reports on its whereabouts that will be even better! You just keep on keeping on, my friend. I’ll cheer you all the way!

  2. Sally Says:

    Congratulations! and condolences on the loss of our quilt. Must be devastating.

  3. Franki Kohler Says:

    WooHoo! Congratulations my friend! And hey, you live in Hope! Keep that thought for Field of Gold. One day . . .

  4. Linda Teddlie Minton Says:

    Wow, CONGRATS, Sarah! I’m so excited for you, and will have to grab a copy of the magazine when I can find it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you someday recover this lovely (and now famous!) quilt.

  5. LeAnn - Quilt Promoter Says:

    Congrats, on such a well-deserved honor, Sarah. It must be bittersweet to have Fields of Gold immortalized while it’s missing.

    Aren’t you glad you took good photos? That’s a lesson for us all.


  6. Kay Talbott Says:

    Way to go Sarah!! Awesome publicity and that should help bring your quilt home too! Are you going to Paducah or NQA at Columbus, OH this year? Karen and I will be at both; hope to see you again!

  7. Janet Jaeger Says:

    Sarah, so TOTALLY AWESOME, my head would be in the clouds for weeks, lol. Congradulations and I will send prayers that your quilt gets back home to you.
    Janet in FL

  8. Barbara Says:

    You so deserve this Sarah. I am so happy for you.

    Terrible about your quilt being lost. One of our biggest fears when shipping.

  9. Kit Lang Says:

    Saw your post on QuiltArt and followed you here – congratulations! It’s a lovely piece. 🙂

  10. Maggie Szafranski Says:

    HooRah! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive! I love that quilt, hope it is found!

  11. Ruth Powers Says:

    Congratulations, Sarah! I’ll be looking for the magazine. So sorry to hear the quit is missing though….

  12. Suzanne Kistler Says:

    I signed up for that magazine at Houston, but never got a single issue. So glad to see (via PMA) that they’re featuring some of my favorite quilts! 🙂 I hope it turns up soon. What a blow for you to have it go MIA… 🙁

  13. Gail Says:

    Congratulations Sarah!!!! I too would love to get a quilt on a front cover some day, but I don’t think it will happen as I just can’t get the practice in like I would like with quilting. These last couple days especially I’m really hating having arthritis! 🙁 having someone I ‘know’ on the cover or that great last page is almost as good for me as I am happy to “rejoice with those that rejoice”. I will try to pick up a copy of that magazine.

  14. Kay Laboda Says:

    Wow Sarah, what a dream to be in this quilt magazine, or any quilt magazine actually. You are truly so talented. Congrats girl.

  15. Mary Rogers Says:

    Congratulations Sarah. The quilt is beautiful. I’m so sorry that it is lost.

  16. Candy from Candied Fabrics Says:

    I LOVE that quilt! It is seriously awesome…and NO!!!! it’s GONE???? Aiyiyi!!! Horrible! Finger’s crossed it makes it’s way back home…

  17. Karen Frye Says:

    Congratulations Sarah, the quilt is just beautiful. So sorry to hear it is missing, prayers to bring it home to you.