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AQM (Art Quilts Maine) and b-day with Deborah B.

Well…it seems my computer snarking of the morning is to continue into the *next* part of the day…sigh! I spent THREE hours just trying to crop 10 photos and burn them to a CD. Snarl. I hate leaving for the day and coming home to find out the kids have managed to re-name the CD burner / drive and delete 80 percent of my bookmarks in Firefox –BIG snarl! On to happier things:

Had a fun day yesterday with Kate, Deborah, Hannah and others from Art Quilts Maine. Alas, Kathy was having a bout with the tummy flu. I’m sure we all would have preferred her well and with us! After the AQM sit and sew day (in which Kate rode to the rescue after our first venue went kablooey and got us space at the Bowdoinham library!), Kate, Deborah, Hannah and I went to celebrate Deborah’s birthday at…where else….Starbucks!

Kate, at our last Frayed Edges get together, had told us about scoring a rusted-shut-tin at the recycling center, with an intriguing rattle. Inside she had found keys! OLD keys. Well….some of them turned into her gift for Deborah, which reads You hold the KEY:

I ran out of time (as usual), was feeling very un-imaginative, and decided to splurge and buy a gift instead of making one. Since this is likely Deborah’s last b-day in Maine for a loooonnngggg time, since she’s moving to Dallas (booo hooooo again!) in a month (less actually), I got her my favorite “Maine” gift, a loon chowdah (please note Maine spelling…pronounced as written) mug. Which is also good for posies from the garden, since I suspect there will not be so many days conducive to soup and chowder and stew in Dallas as here in Maine! My conclusion for the day: I don’t look as heavy as I did six months ago, but I gotta do something about my hair!

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