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The state of the studio

Just a quick update…the WALL IS DOWN!  It is so much better already.  The painters primed that dark icky brown, and even with just a few lightbulbs down there it is much improved.  Stay tuned for further improvements… one morning, John Bailey got the wall down, neat as can be!

Here’s a view of the colors and the gap at the other end of the studio….

Looking from the studio to the open area at the base of the stairs. Not the loveliest of colors, especially with a flash!

And primed….just covering that dark helps so much!  Final color will be a pale warm yellow or pale peach:

a better shot

Next, the electrician will order the lights (nine 2-bulb fixtures in a 3×3 grid, flanking the beam that holds up the house!–the beam will be painted the color of the walls) and finish the wiring.  We added a dedicated outlet for the iron, a phone jack plus another for the fax machine (there wasn’t a single phone jack anywhere in the basement!  Needed one to run my office down there!), plus the co-ax for the cable TV (well, DirectTV).  Then John will patch up the drywall and Jeff and company will paint.   We’re gonna skip drywall on the ceiling (kaCHING $$) for now and just spraypaint it with primer).  Then paint the walls.  Then I will paint the floor (Sea Turtle green the color is called…think grass green), THEN I can move furniture and unpack….. and oh yeah, John’s going to make me design wall / closet doors all along the long no-window wall…… WOOT!

6 Responses to “The state of the studio”

  1. Jean from 7700 yahoo group Says:

    OOOOH! That’s going to be a great studio space! They make some really pretty drop ceilings now, you might want to check those out later on when the cash crunch of moving into a new home evens out (from experience)…

    I can’t wait to see the progress. Keep posting!

  2. Debby Harwell Says:

    It looks like it’s coming along nicely. Thank you for the progress pictures. You are so good at envisioning the end product!

  3. Jacquie in Vermont Says:

    It’s progress. The difference between the first and last photo is amazing! And encouraging …

  4. Maggie Szafranski Says:

    Don’t spare on the over head lights. And opening up the space is great!

  5. Barbara Says:

    It is getting there! What a great space!

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