Productive procrastination

So, I am supposed to be working on something that has a FIRM due-date of mid-to-early-ish March.  I have dyed the fabric and know what I’m going to do, but got sidetracked for a few days doing something I’ve wanted to do for eons:  paint the basement room that has the furnace, water heater, fuel oil tank, and water pump in it.  WHY?  Well, it’s where I do my fabric dyeing.   Since fabric is a lot more attractive than cement, here’s my last two batches of fabric.  Remember them, you’ll see them transformed at some point this year.

My time at the dye pots was FUN! And more interesting than a basement utility room which is what this post is really about.

What provoked this flurry of activity?  The Elfa sale at the Container Store, where good quality closet storage stuff goes on an annual 30 percent off sale.  Decided after much research it would be the best option for getting some shallow shelves above my “not a legal sink but a a basin” in my dye room because it would require the fewest screws going into the cement foundation walls and those few could be above grade (important for when the ground and snow melt in spring).    Here’s the before:



Panorama shot of the basement in the before stage…which I remembered to take only after I had started putting the DryLock paint around the window.  Click to make larger.  

I decided that I couldn’t stand putting the Elfa stuff in without finally painting the walls white (which will help with light and visibility in the room), so I started painting.  Four days ago!

First coat of DryLock paint partly on.  Better already!

Just about done except for the cleaning and moving stuff back in place and waiting for the shelf stuff to arrive.  A vast improvement (did another coat of primer on the wall at the far left).  Now, if I could just convince Paul to let me paint our dark living room……

I finished the last of the painting/priming today.  I used DryLock which helps keep water out on the cement walls.  It is like trying to paint with sludge/mud/thick paste.   ICK.   Primer on the base of the chimney/stone fireplace, and semi-gloss on the wall behind the sink as well.    I’ll post pics of the shelf stuff once it arrives and is installed.   It will require a masonry drill bit and Advil for the arthritis in my hands that will be aggravated from drilling the holes!

7 Responses to “Productive procrastination”

  1. Whiskers Says:

    Years ago, I decided to paint my basement studio white–ceiling, walls, cabinet doors, carpet was even whitish berber in the beginning. Finished the light fixtures, and this time of year it is where I prefer to hibernate. But it seems cold this year for some reason.

  2. Patricia L Walters Says:

    Great going, Sarah!

  3. Margaret-Elaine Says:

    Who said oil tanks have to remain black????
    Get out the brush again. It will disappear if it is white.

  4. Emily Says:

    A song comes to mind….. “too much time on my hands…” Kidding! A tad jealous as I’d LOVE to redo our basement. It’s in the planning stages at this point. Thanks for sharing your process!!

  5. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    LOL…I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing. I want to call PG Willey though and make sure putting regular paint over it won’t do anything untoward. I may actually have some I can use for a first coat, and have enough of the semi-gloss left (just under half a quart) that I used on the wall behind the sink to do the visible side of the tank. After I get some other work done!

  6. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks Patricia!

  7. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Maybe because it is cold? Find some light bulbs that are on the warm/yellow side and see if that helps. Or put in one of those fake fireplaces…..they are area heaters but look like a fireplace. They aren’t quite as tacky looking as they used to be. I want one for my studio!