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Winter in Maine

So as the frenetic 2017 winds down to a close, I thought I’d share some photographic inspiration from a recent dog walkies.  I’ve been largely absent from my blog, mostly because I’ve (a) been too busy and (b) been posting on Facebook, which is faster and easier than the blog.   But I figured I need to do at least a little bit of blogging.  Maybe I’ll ease in with a post a month, and see if I can get it up to two a month by spring?   Anyway, please enjoy the beauty of my world!

Let’s start with one of the most seasonal images. I love the shallow depth of focus. For non-photographers, that means adjusting the aperture, how far the lens opens, so that the berries are sharp and the woods are not.

A fence near the pond where I take sunset pictures during warmer times of the year. Sunset is now about 4 pm, so I don’t get over there at that time of day.

Selected for my photo challenge–this week’s theme was round. Mother Nature’s ornaments! Round is more than a circle or a ball. The apples, the tree trunk, the seasons going ‘round…. not to mention my obsession with lichen spreading out. Minor adjustments to clarity, shadows and red hue saturation to get it to look like the eye sees it.

My obsession with lichens continues… look at these subtle colors and textures and intricate shapes!

Another view of the berries. This run-off creek(shrouded in snow, trust me, there’s a creek under there) is at the back of our property if you were to walk up it a quarter mile or so into the woods. There it is flat and almost not there, but it picks up water from the two folds of the hill that border it on the way down to the road.

My friend Jenny Lyon loves grasses and has made some stunning art quilts of them. I think I’ve been channeling Jenny a bit, especially with the next photo. My friend Jacquie has teased me that I am doing a series of art quilts on weeds. She’s right–I love the wild bits of nature that creep into my world.

This photo is the one that most makes me think of Jenny’s work and her beautiful California garden (seen only in photos as we live about 2800 miles apart). This clump was transplanted when we built the garage because it was where they needed to trench for electricity. It has limped along since 2012, but finally this year is showing signs of perking up. Plus, just this year I finally learned what it is called (and it is written SOMEwhere…hope I can find it), so I plant to put in more. The fluffy tops cast the most glorious shadows on the snow when it is next to the porch and lit up at night.

Not the most riveting shot, but it is the beauty of my world as I see it from the house–at this angle I’d be in the kitchen at the sink though this was taken outside as immense snowflakes began to drift down.

And another scenic shot of a barn down on the street, about a half mile walking, perhaps 2/10 as the crow flies over the woods and neighbor’s lots. Appleton Ridge is in the distance, barely visible as the snow moves in.

Enjoy the season. Tomorrow is Solstice, when the sun begins to return and the days lengthen.  We will light candles to celebrate the return and look forward to a family weekend together!



8 Responses to “Winter in Maine”

  1. Marsha Says:

    Absolutely lovely.

  2. Andra Stanton Says:

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Leah Says:

    Beautiful pictures. I always say that snow is best appreciated from indoors. Thanks for the viewing!

    The close-up picture of moss made me laugh, because I’m constantly doing the same. I often wonder if people would appreciate those pictures! I love them. Mosses are so intricate and delicate. Totally under-appreciated.

  4. Jenny K. Lyon Says:

    Miscanthus Sinensis or Maiden Grass-love it and it’s beautiful in the winter! What gorgeous photos of your world. Merry Christmas!

  5. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    At the moment the moss is covered in snow, but I’m with ya…love it!

  6. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Of COURSE you know what it is….. I love it. Thanks for writing!

  7. Paula Blanchard Says:

    The beauty of winter is often so subtle, and therefore even better appreciated–at least by me! I love my riotous summer gardens, but winter beauty speaks to the soul. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!

  8. LuAnn Kessi Says:

    Howdy Sarah,
    It is good to see you back again! Lovely wintery images. Many thanks for a hit of beauty today.
    My Best To You,
    LuAnn in Western Oregon