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Quilting Arts’ Embellishments e-newsletter–my leaves!

Hi all…have been working like a mad hatter this week, and HOPING to find an online link to the current QA Embellishments on-line, but not having much luck….that luck just changed…. this is what the top of the newsletter looks like…


To see my article for them, click here!

Not long ago I shared some leaf printing…well in the October 6 issue, #104, this online newsletter featured my tips on how to preserve leaves for printing later…like in mid-winter when there are no leaves (but time to do the printing).

Since the newsletter is still current, I won’t duplicate the information here at this point….  In the meantime, if you’d like to subscribe to the QA newsletter, click here.

I’m actually in the process of quilting the fabric pictured… it is the LAST project I am making for my book / manuscript…. a collective HOORAY please….. at least the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t quite so dim!   Back in a few days I hope, Cheers, Sarah

3 Responses to “Quilting Arts’ Embellishments e-newsletter–my leaves!”

  1. Rhea Daiute Says:

    Hip HIP Hooray!

  2. kathy daniels Says:

    Love this idea…guess I’ll be looking for leaves tomorrow. So many beautiful shapes around these days…and yeah for the book!!

  3. Art and Quilting in Camden » Blog Archive » Printing with Leaves Says:

    […] and freezing for later printing (as in during winter when there are no leaves on the trees), here.  I was fortunate to be able to demonstrate leaf printing at Open Studios, part of the Make It […]