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Taking the Tension out of Tension, MQU Winter 2008

My second article for Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine is now out, and I’m really thrilled that I’ve been able to help folks.  Rayna Gillman (blog and website) was so kind in sharing on the QuiltArt list that I’d helped solve a tension problem she’d been having, and Gloria (my /designer and art quilter extraordinaire) actually said she made a copy to tuck into her sewing machine manual…Wowie Zowie!  Here’s the cover of this issue:

MQU Winter 08 cover

My article made the cover:  Taking the Tension out of Tension (I can’t take credit for the title, but I love it! thanks Kit and Vicki)

Here’s the opening pages (clickable for a larger view):

Beginning of article on tension

There were a number of good articles, including two on Colorado art quilters, both of whom were awesome… Here is the opening to one of those two articles:

*****oooops…I can’t share the pictures of these articles…sorry….. due to copyright laws

Oh how those quilts make me want to get into the studio and play and create!   There are lots more pics in the magazine (hint hint).

And Diane Doran from the QuiltArt list (among other places) did a great article on design, specifically how she develops a design.  I really liked the sequence of photos in her article showing how she begins with a digital image, then builds on it one step at a time:

Diane Doran

*****Photo included with Diane Doran’s permission

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I just finished the draft of my next article for them, on the use of contrast in line.  I’m going to do a series of articles on how various elements and principles of design apply to machine quilting.   I’m on a mission I think to convince folks that art isn’t impossible to learn, and that it’s really actually easy and fun to learn and apply.   So the article for the next issue talks summarizes the elements and principles, then talks about line (since of course machine quilting is about creating lines) and how contrast helps lines stand out (or not).  What fun… getting to write about quilting!  Now…kids on vacation, time for quilting evaporated…ditto for time for blogging!  Talk to ya later!

4 Responses to “Taking the Tension out of Tension, MQU Winter 2008”

  1. Gerrie Says:

    I ordered the magazine as soon as Rayna posted about it. I started reading yesterday. I really need this. The backs of my quilts are not for viewing!!

  2. rayna Says:

    Ha ha,Gerrie – the fronts of MY quilts are not for viewing – but the will get better with Sarah’s cheerleading and great suggestions. Good move on Vicki’s part to send me a complimentary copy – I would never, ever have picked up a machine quilting magazine because I assumed it was for professional quilters. Goes to show ‘ya – live and learn.

  3. Barbara Says:

    This is just what I have been looking for. Thank you for posting information on this magazine!

  4. Vicki Says:


    We LOVE your enthusiasm! Thanks so much for the promotion. Your newest article proves to be just as exciting and informative as your others. Keep ’em coming!