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NQA-Decorative Stitch Applique

A student's class sample... compare this to the unstitched version in the top-left of the four-squares (below)

We had an absolute GAS in this class!  I was so thrilled at how the students took my basic design and simply took off with it, experimenting and discovering, and the wide range of results….  Because I actually took a TON of photos, I’ve made some “four-patch” photos to squeeze them all in!   This is the sampler that I share with the students (it’s also in my book–click the photo to view larger):

Sarah's Tossed Leaves Sampler

Well….here are some samplings of leaves the students made.  They were given the choice to make a larger composition or smaller blocks (which is what I used in my blue vest…I promise that post will be up before too long!):

I knew that Deb in KY from the Janome 6500/6600/7700 yahoo group would be in the class, and was pretty sure that Kathy Schmidt (author of Rule-Breaking Quilts from AQS and also in the group, and her blog is here) would be there, but so was Marie!  What an unexpected surprise and fun!!!!!  Kathy and I have been writing to each other for about a year and half or more as she worked on her book proposal, then manuscript, now marketing the book, and it was such a joy to finally meet her!  She is teaching at NQA next year, so sign up, folks!  And I PROMISE, a review of her book is coming, too!

L to R: Sarah, Deb in KY and Marie from the Janome 6600 yahoo group

Kathryn Schmidt, author of the fun Rule-Breaking Quilts, and me (Sarah!)

I think we all look a bit WARM!  After class, Kathy and I then went to a local brew pub and had a wonderful dinner…it felt SO GOOD to (a) get off my feet and (b) have such fun company for supper before she drove the several hour drive home.  I’m thrilled they could all attend my class—THANK YOU!

I encourage students to do stitch-outs. Here is her test-sample

And some stitched leaves. She wanted to control the variables to just one thread, so it gives a really good comparison of what the different stitches can do for your applique.


Another stitch out, again with notes made on the sample; that green thread is great on this peach!

Another good stitch sample, with notes on stitch length and width

At the end of the class, we pinned the samples up on the wall and all took photos so we could go home and be inspired by everyone’s work and try out more:

Student samplers and compositions

More student samplers

and more

even more tossed leaves

and the last one....

Thanks to the ladies of the class….. I had a ball, and I think they did, too!   Here’s to hoping I get to return to teach at NQA again!

8 Responses to “NQA-Decorative Stitch Applique”

  1. Jacquie in Vermont Says:

    You really inspired your students to explore possibilities! Those pieces look great.

  2. Maggie Szafranski Says:

    NQA is on my list for next year! Looks like the students learned their lessons well!

  3. Robin Koehler Says:

    I love teaching and watching all the pieces go in their own direction. It is obvious you did a great job and that everyone had fun…how could they not with you:)

  4. Linda Moran Says:

    Looks like a great class – I love looking at all the samples and getting inspired!

  5. Gail Says:

    Wow those leaf samplers were an inspiration. I’ve got the new Horizon 7700 and am looking forward to seeing what all those stitches can do and this is a start. Thanks.

  6. Josi Moroney Says:

    I’m with Gail! I just got my Horizon 7700 and your examples and ideas are just off the chain. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing them with ALL of you. I have your wonderful “Thread Work Unraveled” also which has started my quilting in a whole new direction. Wish I could have been there for your class.

  7. Diane Says:

    Looks like a great class!

    Sarah, I also wanted to let you know that the Artful Quilters Blog Ring has moved. We’d love to have your blog move to the new ring! You can read about the details here:

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