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Quilters’ Favorite Things

Maria Peagler, whose book on Color Mastery is designed to help you get over your fear of playing with color, has just published this video on her blog and facebook pages.  If you’d like to vote for your favorite and win a free (my book, her book, Inklingo or fabric), take a look at the video, the surf over to Maria’s place and vote (more on that below).  Here’s the video:

Maria profiles four must-haves for quilters, starting with my book, ThreadWork  Unraveled.  Most of you who visit here have heard plenty about the book, but just in case, there is more info here plus lots of very kind reviews of the book on Amazon (and if you’d like to add your own review, please do!). Maria’s Facebook fan page is .  You can visit the page even if you’re not a member on Facebook.

Maria also shares Linda Franz’s Inklingo, a system for  precise piecing using any size scrap.  Linda is the author of the FANTABULOUS Quilted Diamonds, which is a diamond-variation on the theme of the Jane Stickle (Dear Jane) quilt, liberally salted with Jane Austen quotes, and which has some of the BEST hand piecing and hand applique directions you’ll find.  I treasure this book–clear, precise directions, stupendous photos…a keeper! Linda’s website is here, and more about InkLingo is here.

Third on Maria’s list is a Clothworks kit with the fabulous Laurel Burch fabrics.  As many of you know, the talented artist died not too long ago, but she spent a lot of her last years making art which her children could then turn into prints and designs for the many facets of Laurel’s work which include not just fabric, but mugs, earrings, totes, socks…..lots of fun things! You can find the kit here.

Finally, there is Maria’s own award-winning book, Color Mastery.  To learn more about her book, check it out on Maria’s website, here (scroll down to the bottom for the link to purchase Maria’s book).

To vote and have a chance to win your favorite, click here.  First it appears you need to “like” the post.  Then click on the photo of each of the items;  you can leave a comment to enter to win.  It appears, however, that you may need to be a Facebook member to actually vote.  Give it a try and see if you can vote! Update:  Linda Franz posted really good, thorough instructions on how to vote here.   Thanks Linda!

And if you’re not the lucky winner but just HAVE to have one of these items they are (what a surprise…not!) available from the maker!  I hope  YOU win!

6 Responses to “Quilters’ Favorite Things”

  1. Maggie Szafranski Says:

    thanks for the link! Here’s hoping I win something!

  2. Kathleen C Says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Maria-I visited her lovely website, and I subscribed to her blog.
    BTW, I am on FB and clicked on the link to the Color Mastery page and giveaway, but wasn’t able to leave a comment for some reason.

    I always enjoy your posts, your quilts and everything you share with us; Thanks very much.
    Kathleen C. in CT

  3. Linda & Monkey Says:

    Hi Kathleen, I had the same problem. You can only leave a comment after you “like” Maria’s Color Mastery page. I got so many questions about this that I posted a step by step on the All About Inklingo blog. Once you figure it out, you can enter as many times as you like. Good luck. Thank you, Sarah, for your kind words!

  4. kathy daniels Says:

    so nice for you sarah…maybe a THIRD printing will be in the works!

  5. Quilting with Inklingo – Fussy Cutting Says:

    […] Quilters' Favorite Things Posted in Quilting | Tags: Cutting, Fussy, Inklingo, Quilting […]

  6. Abiga/Karen Says:

    Thank you for telling about these books as I need help with my quilting education. ;o)