Mother’s Day and other stuff

I had thought it was about three days since my last blogpost, not two weeks!   EEEK!  Thanks to a couple of you who wrote to see if I was still alive and OK…. just swamped!   I have decided I just can’t keep up.  Between the older son, my mother, teaching, trying to sleep, trying not to fall apart, the house, the husband and younger son, the end of school-year frenetic activities, Eli’s sports schedule, and whatnot, there are two options.  Fall behind or fall behind more~! And oh yeah… I’d actually like to quilt or make art and not implode somewhere in there, too!

So, blogging got put on the back burner, and the calendar evaporated even faster than usual.  I had intended to post this photo on  Mother’ s  Day.  Remember what I said about being behind?

with Mama (age 92) in early May 2011

Mama is in the dementia unit of a WONDERFUL local facility called Quarry Hill.  Since she fell and broke her collarbone (thank heavens it wasn’t worse) in February, her decline has accelerated.  We have begun hospice care, and I am so glad the charge nurse suggested it.  They are really being proactive about saying she needs pain meds (she is too far gone to remember / understand to ask or say she hurts, and the hospice folks have more leeway under rules and regulations to administer to those who can’t verbalize well for themselves) and attending to her care.  She is on a waiting list for a place in the area nursing care level facility for dementia patients, but for now, this is so good for her.  So I am grateful for their care and the time I get to see her.

Paul and the boys gave me flowers, a card (which Joshua’s girlfriend even signed…I loved that!), and I got to pick where we ate when we went to Portland for a Sea Dogs game the previous day.  Life is good!

Mother's Day flowers combined with daffodils from the garden in our new home

I’ll be back with more posts when I can.  I have tons to share, just not enough time to process photos, write, upload photos, and deal with the glacial internet here in the boonies.

4 Responses to “Mother’s Day and other stuff”

  1. JACQUIE Says:

    I was thinking about writing to make sure you would still be there for us to visit but figured you had too much life going on to blog.

  2. Sally Says:

    So glad to hear from you. And that things seem to be going as well as can be expected in terms of your mother’s care. Post when you can.

  3. Maggie Szafranski Says:

    I had seen you on Facebook, so I knew you were still around! May is a very time of month for families! I am so glad your mom is getting such good care.

  4. Kathy Schmidt Says:

    Thanks for the post…I was concerned but figured that whatever was keeping you so busy would let up eventually. Just keep plugging away at the essential family priorities and cheat where you can to get a moment or two in the studio! Blogging can always wait, but don’t forget to take care of you, too!