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The Grocery Challenge, Part 2

Alas, I missed Maine Quilts this year, where these quilts debuted.  (The good news is that I was teaching at Quilt Nebraska…more on that soon!) Here is the display (thanks Louisa for the photo!) of our challenge quilts at the Maine Quilts show:

The Coastal Quilter's Challenge quilts on display, with curious viewers

And a close up of someone looking — and the photos and tags:

A close up of Louisa Enright's A Thousand Flowers and my quilt, the clipper ship

From all reports, the quilts and display got lots of attention.  On the far left and far right I included a blurb about the challenge itself (the requirements I talked about in the previous post).  I then pinned photos of each of the products and asked viewers to figure out which photo went with which quilt.  I numbered the quilts, then made tags with lift-up fabric to reveal the  identity of the quilt by number, the maker, the title, and the product.

And here is the right hand panel that I’ll feature today–you’ll note that the photos don’t necessarily correspond to the quilts on that panel, I wanted to mix things up!

The right hand panel

A Thousand Flowers is at the top left:

This honey is a locally produced, raw, organic honey available at the local Farmer's Marke, again Louisa got the OK from Clay and Maggie King to use their label and wording. Quilters could use colors seen through the packaging as well as the label, hence Louisa's honey colored hexagons!

A Thousand Flowers by Louisa Enright. Using the traditional paper-pieced hexagons for the honeycomb was perfect, and very time consuming! Louisa also stamped bees onto the quilt, words, and more... absolutely WONDERFUL!

I wanted to do something Maine-ish, and trolled the aisles looking at labels for a while.  I found my inspiration in something I don’t usually drink:  beer!

Shipyard Ale. I thought the town on the label looked more like Wiscasset, but I wanted to make mine the Camden Harbor (the library is on the right!).

While at Quilt Festival last November, I chanced upon John Flynn’s booth.  I had mulled over how to do the storm at sea border that I had in mind:  fused?  painted?  Then I spotted his miniatures quilt.  Yes, insane.  The small square in a square block FINISHES at 1 1/8 inch!   I also learned that miniatures are VERY bumpy and I would have done better to set aside my beloved “skimming” free-motion foot and used the hopping “darning” foot.  I had to tug to get the lumpy bits under the skimmer foot, and that wasn’t so good for the quality of my stitching.  Bummers.  Oh well…lesson learned!

Sarah's quilt...of course can I remember the name right now? No! Sheesh.. I think it is From the Schooner Coast (since this area was known for shipbuilding and the windjammers). This one is based on a photo, used with permission of Capt. Jenny Tobin, of the Schooner Louis B. French. The library is to the right of the sail and the hills are the Camden Hills silhouette.

Millie chose sardines for One in  a Million:

Notice the Reny's (a Maine store) sticker!

And her interpretation in cloth:

Millie Young's One in a Million. Isn't that fish GLORIOUS?

Barbara Melchiskey is a master at appllique, which she used to great effect with Heinz 57 Ketchup:

Heinz 57...notice the tomato....


Barbara Melchiskey's Tomato on a Vine. Love the gold beads to make the 57!


Next is Maggie’s Maruchan kid…she even got written permission from Maruchan to make this design using the logo on the ramen package:

Maruchan ramen

Perfect! Maruchan by Maggie Schwamb. The workmanship is impeccable!

And in the final dash to done with me was my co-program chair Gail Galloway-Nicholson.  She sent me this photo and said it was a Cline Vinyards wine.  I immediately replied:  “Cline Vinyards?  From California?  As in Nancy Bunting Cline?”  Now how the heck is Gail supposed to have a clue what I’m yabbering about…

Cline Vinyards Cashmere wine

So I head (where else) to Google, source of instant knowlege.  Yes indeedy, it is Cline Cellars!   And why is this such a big deal?  Well.. I went to high school in California (just north of San Francisco, San Domenico School)  with the then-Nancy Bunting.   A few years later this funny lady (she is still witty) married a guy named Cline.  And they started their own vinyard.  And I can now go buy their wine here in Camden, Maine!!!!!! How utterly amazing is that????????? I checked the Photo Gallery pictures and yes indeedy that is Nancy…like me a bit older, a bit of gray, but still Nancy!  Shall we all join hands and sing a chorus of “It’s a Small World After All” while enjoying Gail’s quilt, with 3-d awning over the shop and soft and fuzzy fabric for the Cashmere in the window?

Gail Galloway Nicholson's Cashmere--notice the "C" on the label and on the awning!


I cannot tell you how thrilled I am at the challenge, the results, and the outstanding work done by these 11 ladies and one gentleman!   Here’s to the next two years of challenges!

4 Responses to “The Grocery Challenge, Part 2”

  1. Jean from the Janome 7700 list Says:

    I love the quilts! What a clever challenge idea!

  2. JACQUIE Says:

    Great work by everyone!

  3. Alex Sand Says:

    I’ve never thought of using products for quilting inspiration before. Very interesting results. I love the goldfish.

  4. Lynda Worthington Says:

    These are wonderful quilts! Thank you for sharing!