Painting–the inside of the house, Part 1

I never did blog about all the painting I did last summer/fall, and just finished more.  The house we moved into last February was in great shape but we decidedly did not share the previous owner’s taste in color.  At all.  When we moved in, we had painters do Eli’s room, the two bathrooms,  the dining room and my studio, but left the rest to do ourselves (meaning me).  Joshua wasn’t happy with the idea of moving at all, and instead of painting the lavender (Shudder) color in his room, just covered it up with posters.  When he moved out last July (and he’s doing GREAT by the way), Paul took that room as his office.  I realized the ceiling was grim…very dingy and gray ish in color.  So I painted not just the lavender walls, but the ceiling.  With the help of Leanne at the local EBS (Ellsworth Building Supply, a small Maine lumber company/hardware store), we chose Gardenia, a warm white. What a difference color makes…and not just in quilts!

Before: very lavender. VERY. and it turns out even the ceiling paint was tinged (and dingy-ed?) lavender....

Ceiling has been painted, cutting in with the pale yellow Paul chose....


The largest wall, halfway done...takes a lot of pale yellow to cover medium lavender!

Done....that long wall is no longer purple!

This is called turning gloom into happy!

And the other side of the room, again in sunny, happy yellow

I discovered the ceilings throughout the house were this dingy grayed white.  UGH.  So I decided the entire house needs new ceiling color.  I can tell you, I DETEST painting ceilings, but I will do it.  In February, I did the kitchen and entry hall (all one big space).  Since a photo of a ceiling isn’t exactly exciting, you only get one:

The kitchen ceiling...original color on right, improved color on left, and green tape!

So after doing THAT obnoxious job, I treated myself to some quilting.  WOOT!  Back soon with quilting, Cheers, Sarah

One Response to “Painting–the inside of the house, Part 1”

  1. Dorothy Karman Says:

    Did I mention before how multi-skilled I thought you were? Well now you can add house painting to your resume. Looks good! Dorothy.