Whooosh! and I’m back….and SAQA in Little Rock

Wow has time whoooshed by faster than the usual blindingly-fast disappearing that it usually does!  I’ve returned from a fun teaching trip to two guilds in Arkansas, a visit with an internet friend, gone to a 5-day dyeing silk workshop in Massachusetts, attempted to get caught up on paperwork (but not the accounting…UGH), and launch into Eli’s track season, his last sports season of Middle School… it is hard to believe in 5 weeks or so he will be a Freshman-at-the-end-of-summer!   So I guess I’ll start with the oldest news first:  Little Rock!

While heading out to lunch one day from class, one of my students pointed out a building across from the library (where the workshop was held) because she had a piece in the SAQA / Studio Art Quilt Associates regional exhibit!  On my day off between the two teaching jobs, I got to hang out with an internet friend whom I finally got to meet in the real.  Sherri D. took me to the exhibit and a few other places, so let’s  begin with the SAQA exhibit and Georgia’s  fabulous small piece!

Butterfly by Georgia Manning Lewis

She used many surface design techniques on the background and has been doing some wire-work for 3-D shaping.

The first piece I photographed in the exhibit is for my friend Kathy, who loves birds and makes wonderful bird quilts.  So Kath…here is an Arkansas wren for you:

Studio Wren by Sheri Marshall

I loved the stunning simplicity and calm of this piece:

Shamrocks by Ruth Ann Yax

I hadn’t realized that Arkansas is right next to Louisiana and, hence, close to the Gulf.  This artist is from (I think) Mississippi, where the BP oil spill wreaked so much environmental damage.

Guardian of the Gulf by Sarah Scott

A trip to China (according to the blurb card on the wall) was the inspiration for this garden-inspiring quilt:

The lotus by Darlene Garstecki

The artist made this quilt as a mourning quilt after his mother passed away.  On the card he noted: “We used to walk a road in North Carolina and talk.  I have since thought that maybe the words we spoke were captured in the trees; and if I was very quiet and listened very hard, I would hear the words falling back down on me, as I walked alone.”  …… I so love that thought…..

The View from the Road by Murray Johnston

On the other side of the building, I spotted these small kimono which (if I have deciphered the enlarged photo correctly) are by Judy Tipton Rush–really stunning quilting:

Judy Tipton Rush's pieces in the gallery store

The building is a craft/arts center, and had this gorgeous light fixture (I don’t even want to know how much it was for sale!…. and it’s not like there would be a place for it in my house!)

Way cool light fixture

And I’ve been having fun in my working sketchbook/notebook of ideas messing around with collage and magazine pages, so I really enjoyed these two sets of mixed media collages by Kathy Bay.  From looking at the photo closely, I believe they are acrylic paint plus paint on paper that she painted (as opposed to “found” papers).

Crayola Land by Kathy Bay

By Kathy Bay, these remind me of icebergs


Now, of course, I wish I’d taken photos of ALL the quilts, but at least you have a sampling! Enjoy, and I promise to be back without such a long gap between posts!

4 Responses to “Whooosh! and I’m back….and SAQA in Little Rock”

  1. Sherri D Says:

    I really enjoyed going there with you! We never appreciate our own backyards enough, don’t ya think? 🙂

  2. Sally Says:

    You are one busy lady! Thank you for the photos from the show. They all are awesome.

  3. Donna Keller Says:

    My, my but you’ve been busy! I love the Shamrock quilt, and the light fixture is awesome too!

  4. Betty Johnson Says:

    Hi Sarah, Welcome Home, and thanks for these wonderful photos. I especially like Kathy Bay’s work. ” My” colors. And my first thought was icebergs, too.