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What a THRILL!

Lookit what popped up in my inbox this morning:

Today's Quilting Daily was a decidedly pleasant surprise!  My DVD!!!

Today’s Quilting Daily was a decidedly pleasant surprise! My DVD!!! Right Click to view larger

You can pre-order the DVD from me, here, or purchase the download TODAY from Quilting Arts at the Interweave Store here, or pre-order from Interweave also.   If you do the download, spring for the extra $2 and get the High Def version–the photography and clarity is superb!

Thanks to Ann C. and Debby H.  for their early and wonderful praise for my DVD:

  • From Ann on Facebook:

From master quilter Sarah Ann Smith! A must get!

  • From Debby H. on Facebook:

I just downloaded this video and have only watched the introduction and first part on cutting the pieces. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST I’VE EVER SEEN! I know I may be partial since I’m your friend, but it really is very very good. I love the detailed information about the supplies. You tell us specifically what to get and why that name brand. You just have no idea how valuable that information is! That would have been worth the price of the download all by itself! Thanks for putting in the work to produce such a wonderful informational piece. I’ll watch it over and over and have to use it as a reward for getting my other household chores done. Really really good!

And a sneak announcement:   next week we’ll start a bloghop and giveaway!    Details on Tuesday the 17th!


One Response to “What a THRILL!”

  1. Dorothy Karman Says:

    I downloaded your great video yesterday but have only watched part of it as yet. Unfortunately life gets in the way of my video watching and sewing. I like what I have watched so far, and love getting to know you better as you speak to us on the video. Good luck! Dorothy.