Bloghop-Giveaway Grand Holiday Finale!

To order a DVD, visit my Store page here, or to order either the DVD or a digital download, visit Quilting Arts' Interweave Store, here.   And, of course, you can enter the various giveaways thanks to the generous quilt artists who are helping me give away copies!

We’re celebrating the release of my video workshop with one final GRAND finale including this DVD and the loot below!

WOW!  What a wonderful tour of art and the world we’ve been on with both the September/October and November/December bloghops and giveaways!  Thank you so much to Quilting Arts and Interweave for sponsoring this with DVDs and downloads, Mistyfuse for their wonderful products that I use to make my art, and Havel‘s for great scissors.  And ENORMOUS thank yous to my intrepid reviewers who helped make this bloghop possible:  Jamie, Deborah, Vicki, Leslie, Terry, Gloria, Diane, Marie, Brenda, Jaye, Susan, Daphne and Lisa:  THANK YOU!

The December Grand Prize Giveaway includes Two packages of Mistyfuse, a package of Transdoodle (all thanks to Mistyfuse), a Bag of scissors, snips and seam ripper from Havel's PLUS non-stick scissors, the October issue of Quilting Arts with my article on What a Difference a Background Makes, and the 2010-11 Quilting Arts Gifts issue with my project and many other still wonderful gift ideas!

The December Grand Prize Giveaway includes Two packages of Mistyfuse, a package of Transdoodle (all thanks to Mistyfuse), a Bag of scissors, snips and seam ripper from Havel’s PLUS non-stick scissors, the October issue of Quilting Arts with my article on What a Difference a Background Makes, and the 2010-11 Quilting Arts Gifts issue with my project and many other still wonderful gift ideas!

Yep–if you would like a chance to win

  • A copy of the DVD!
  • A selection of products from MistyFuse! I show you how I use these products in the Video workshop.
  • A huge donation from Havel’s Scissors including a generous giftbag that includes long scissors, short scissors, snips, seam ripper, AND the non-stick scissors too!
  • And a copy of Quilting Arts Gifts magazine from 2010-11, with a project by me! and a copy of the October Quilting Arts magazine with my article on what a difference the background Makes.

all in time for a nice long winter (or summer depending on your location in the world), here’s what you need to know and do:

  • Leave me a comment and tell me something about the bloghopper-reviewer  whose work most influenced you in this bloghop–the work of one of the reviewers.  I’ll include links to all their blogs at the end of this post.
  • On December 10th, I’ll select a winner. Please leave comments by 8 a.m. East Coast US time.
  • I will pay flat rate shipping within the US.  If you live outside the US, you may enter IF you are willing to help me with the added cost of shipping outside the US. (Probably between $10-15)

So let the fun begin!   Comment away, and return to visit one of these fine artists (or ALL OF THEM!) and enjoy their art and thank them for participating.

And remember, you can always order the DVD from me (here) or a download or DVD directly from Quilting Arts/Interweave, here.

Jamie, Deborah, Vicki, Leslie, Terry, Gloria, Diane, Marie, Brenda, Jaye, Susan, Daphne and Lisa:  THANK YOU!

Jamie Fingal
Deborah Boschert
Vicki Welsh
Leslie Jenison
Terry Grant
Gloria Hansen
Diane Perin Hock
Marie Johansen
Brenda Gael Smith
Jaye Lapachet
Susan Brubaker Knapp
Daphne Greig
Lisa Walton

38 Responses to “Bloghop-Giveaway Grand Holiday Finale!”

  1. Jody Says:

    I have enjoyed the blog tour! And I would love to win your DVD.

  2. Betsy Says:

    I enjoyed Lisa Walton’s stenciling inspiration

  3. Ilana Says:

    Susan Brubaker Knapp’s work is so fantastic as is her photography. I loved seeing the photos of the fall foliage in her area. I enjoyed visiting all of the blogs on this hop, most of which I haven’t visited before. I found Marie Johansen’s blog to be fascinating. I’m going to try the recipe for starch alternative as soon as I buy some potato vodka.

  4. donna adams Says:

    Susan Brubaker Knapp’s work has long inspired me and I have learned so much from her blog. I hate to just narrow it to one though because each of these sites just ooze talent and creativity! Thanks for the blog-hop-giveaway fun!

  5. Janis Doucette Says:

    All were very good blogs! But I enjoyed Vickie Welsh’ blog very much with all her free tutes that I love. I too found the starch and such info on musingcrowdesign blog to be great. Thanks to you all!

  6. Ann Kovalchick Says:

    I sure like I see of you work. All the blogs are so inspirational. I would love the DVD

  7. Quilting Tangent Says:

    Jamie – How to put bright crazy patterns together to make wonderful quilts.

  8. Susan Armstrong Says:

    I love Susan Brubaker Knapp’s photography; it inspires me. Also Gloria Hansen’s photography work also is inspiring. Jamie Fingel’s work is so colorful that it makes me smile! Thanks Sarah for setting up this bloghop. I would love to win your DVD and the other goodies. Thanks.

  9. Cindy in Cape May Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful bloghop! I enjoyed visiting all of these wonderful artists’ sites. Diane Perin Hock’s fabulous blog “Going to Pieces” was completely new to me (don’t know how I’ve missed it!), and I love the way she integrates her various worlds: life, quilt, art, etc. I loved her use of color, and the way she builds up her pieces, starting with inspiration found in surprising places. Fabulous! Opened my eyes once again to see all the beauty that is around me.

  10. Rhonda Dunn Says:

    What an uplifting this would be for me. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. Sherri D Says:

    I hate to admit that though I did visit a few of the blogs, I was also visiting a LOT of blogs over the holiday week and beyond. I couldn’t pick a favorite one, except for YOU! And you are my favorite because I not only admire your work and your past books, like “Thread Work”, but I’ve met you in person and you’re kinda nice! :)
    What a haul this would be to win! Thanks for being the generous and smart teacher that you are!!!

  12. Bev L. Says:

    I would love to be in on the winning and have visited some, but not all of the blogs. Very interesting and colourful with new ideas.

  13. Hanneke Says:

    Hi Sarah, I enjoyed all of these though I didnt enter them all (generally missing the date!) Difficult to choose a favourite, I love the freedom of Lisa Waltons work and I spent ages looking through Daphne Greigs gallery but I think the best for me is Serendipity with Brenda Gael Smith, her work looks so deceptively simple and so effective!I love Twelve by twelve and have one of their books so I was already familiar with some of these artists. This was a lovely idea and has been great fun to follow ! Happy to pay postage if I am fortunate to win :) Hanneke

  14. Beth B Says:

    Lots of great inspiration from the bloggers. I especially like Jamie Fingal and all of the ways she used her fun fabric line “Home is where your story begins”.
    Thanks for a great blog hop and the chance to win a fantastic prize.

  15. suzie hammond Says:

    Pick ONE! You are kidding right?

    Each of your choices had so many interesting and slightly off beat ways off looking at the art. I have used these links as a nicely rounded primer to keep me going down here in Sth America where quilting materials and gadgets are in almost nonexsistent supply until you can get a friend to visit you who will only bring two pairs of jeans and shirts and pack their other baggage with the cloth, rotary blades, etc that you need to work with!

    But if need be I think about a favorite I would choose Leslie Tucker Jenison. I need to create so much of my fabric. I can occasionally get white cotton here, so I need design technique ideas so I can get even more creative and implement the solutions that I can recreate or explore here.

    But of course this is true of other explorers you have put on the hop and I loved many of them.

    Thanks and do please enter me in your give away. My fingers and toes are crossed,and I am prepared to pay the extra shipping (or my kids will -heh heh)

    Suzie Hammond

  16. Wendy Says:

    Hard to choose only one, but Terry Grant’s tutorials have been most useful. I have done quite a bit with liqui-fuse & have also used her edge finish with a thin cotton yarn.

  17. ElaineM Says:

    It is very difficult to choose one.
    I love Gloria’s digi work.
    I love Leslie’s surface design work.
    I’ve enjoyed watching the twelves progress.
    I own several pieces of Terry Grant’s work.
    All different. All amazing. You chose your bloggers well.
    That said, I am coveting a copy of your DVD because stitch work is an area where I need to grow. Thank you for the opportunity to win this.

    MC and HH!

  18. HelenDucker Says:

    Tomatoes on the cover drew me to this DVD. I did a tomato piece for my sister in law when her husband, an enthusiastic amateur tomato grower passed on. It was the first time I had worked out the light and shade myself, and of course I had to use a recognisable type of tomato – so many essential details to get right. But I did it, so I really appreciate the work you have put into this DVD.

  19. Bethany Garner Says:

    Hi Sarah… this has been a terrific run of visits to amazing blogs and with wonderful artists who choose fibre as their medium.I learn so much from Leslie Tucker Jennison and Susan Brubaker and their surface design/printmaking and painting of fabrics. So enjoyed following (and looking back at old posts) from Terry Grant… she is so inspirational and straight to the point. And Daphne is a hugely wonderful influence on her blog and here in Canada.
    If I were the lucky winner, I would absolutely pay the shipping and share everything with students at St. Lawrence College. We have your DVD in our College Library…and your book is dog-eared. Thanks for everything.

  20. Suzanne Says:

    For me Susan Brubaker Knapp is always interesting, with Deborah Boschert running a close second. It is difficult to choose my favorite as they all produce works that appeal to me.
    Congratulations on your new DVD. Thanks for the opportunity to learn something new.

  21. Dee Says:

    Jaye Lapachet was someone I hadn’t heard of…..I really enjoyed her review of your dvd. I went back and read her previous blogs…..just like chatting with a friend…and I love her bright quilts. Thanks for a chance to win.

  22. Barbara Triscari Says:

    I enjoyed all of the artists, but Susan Brubaker Knapp’s post about why she makes painted quilts instead of just paintings was wonderful! Would love to have the video! Thanks for the great giveaway and blog hop!

  23. Lorna Clark Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You’ve got a great list of reviewers. Gloria Hansen’s photos are amazing. They really give an incredible perspective on the intricacies of nature. Fingers crossed for the giveaway and thanks for a great blog hop!

  24. Susan Says:

    I am always in awe of Gloria’s accomplishments. Her quilts are fascinating and I would love to learn how she creates some of the effects.

  25. Sandra Betts Says:

    I am most impressed with Lisa Walton in a list of very talented people. It is very hard to choose only one :-).

  26. Marilyn Says:

    The blog tour was great! Many names that I recognize from the QA list and some people new to me that really have a lot to share. That package would look wonderful under my tree this year…

  27. Nancy Says:

    I really enjoyed seeing Lisa Walton’s stencil information. What she did with them was really beautiful! The others also had wonderful work, and it was hard to pick one over the others…

  28. Lydia Reading Says:

    Lisa Walton was a wonderful find. She has so much to teach about stamping and adding visual texture to fabric and so much more. Loved her photos from South Africa.

  29. Debby Harwell Says:

    Of course I must leave a comment to try to win this fabulous give-a-way! Your DVD is fantastic and all of these artist have been so fun to visit through the blog hop! Of course I love Susan Brubaker Knapp’s work as always, but also enjoyed Lisa Walton and will be putting her new book on my wish list for Christmas! Thanks so much for sharing all of these sites with us and organizing all of this!

  30. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Posting this one on behalf of Sharon Bailey

    I can’t seem to get into your blog to sign up for the giveaway.
    Why me?
    You have inspired me into art quilting and I need all the help I can get.
    Sharon H Bailey Arkansas

  31. Béatrice Says:

    Thank you for this bloghop and the guest bloggers. Your DVD is really fantastic, even with my bad english, I enjoyed the workshop.
    All the blogs have interesting ideas or techniques.

  32. Debbie M Says:

    I follow most of the artists on your blog hop list, but Vicki is my favorite. Besides that her fabrics are gorgeous, I really like how she manages to include everything from art quilts to contemporary and traditional in her repertoire. Thanks, Sarah Ann, for a wonderful blog hop! (Even though I didn’t win anything, LOL!)

  33. Linda Fleming Says:

    My choice is Vicki Welsh. I follow her blog regularly and enjoy reading about her various activities. Her postcards are truly works of art (I especially like her sun printing); her fabric dyeing is fantastic(it’s unbelievable how many yards of fabric she works with at a time!); her use of EQ to demonstrate using different colors in quilt layouts is inspirational.

  34. Nancy O'Hara Says:

    I visited all the wonderful bloggers and found it just impossible to pick only one. I would love to win your generous prize. Thanks for the opportunity.

  35. Susan Barrett Says:

    I was reminded to look at Gloria Hansen’s blog-thanks for that! Photo’s into quilts is what inspires me. Her blog had clips from your DVD and even that little bit makes me want to take the time to work on that photo I took over the summer here in Savannah.

  36. Dar Arnswald Says:

    Thank you so much for the blog tour! I read Susan Brubaker Knapp on a regular basis and from her I found YOU. OMG. Between the two of you and now the others – I am SO inspired to create – I can hardly sit still. I have one more week of crazy left (I am a longarm quilter at the peak of holiday quilting) and then I will have the rest of the year off to go into my sewing/design room, close the door and plunge headfirst into colors and textures and absolute joy!

  37. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    WOOT! The Grand Prize Winner is Nancy, number 27! Please contact me and we’ll work out shipping! Thank you ALL for being part of the bloghop and giveaways, with special thanks to Quilting Arts/Interweave, Mistyfuse and Havel’s for donating to the prizes!

  38. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Nancy: you’re number 27 and the winner! Congratulations!