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She persisted (ocean quilt) at IQF Chicago

So if you’re going to International Quilt Festival in Chicago this weekend (2017), please do see my quilts!   Thank you SO MUCH to Becky Navarro, Special Exhibits coordinator for Quilts, Inc. (who put on the shows) for sending me these two photos of “She persisted in her quest to reach the shore and sing the anthem of the sea.”

On the right is my newest work, She persisted in her quest to reach the shore and sing the anthem of the sea, on display at International Quilt Festival Chicago 2017.

The 45th (!!!) Anniversary of the Quilt Festival is coming up and they will be celebrating with the Sapphire Celebration  from 2019 (45th year) to 2022 (sheesh that sounds almost impossible as a year!).  To learn more about entering, go here and scroll down.  They want traditional, art and modern quilts, size 50 x 50 or larger.  The size is a challenge for art quilters who tend not to work so large, but I was thrilled to have the chance to work so large.  And REALLY glad I have a Bernina Q20 sit-down machine now–the LONG, tall harp makes such a difference in working on such a large piece.

Another view of the two quilts promoting and encouraging entries in the new exhibit.  On the right is my newest work, She persisted in her quest to reach the shore and sing the anthem of the sea (c) SarahAnnSmith 2017.   

Quilts Inc. is giving you plenty of notice so put on your creative hats and get to work!

Umbelliferous:  Queen Anne’s Lace No. 1 is also on display in the Patterns exhibit curated by Dinner@8, then will go to her new home with a private collector (I am still stunned and thrilled–thank you!).

Umbelliferous: Queen Anne’s Lace No. 1 by Sarah Ann Smith (c) 2016

Now, I need to go to the studio to work on my next piece!

14 Responses to “She persisted (ocean quilt) at IQF Chicago”

  1. Kristin Freeman Says:


    This is a wonderful art-quilt! It was a delight to watch your progress displayed in words and photos as you wrestled with decisions and worked through challenges. Brava for a fine work, completed in a very short time frame.

  2. Nancy Says:

    It looks STUNNING hung with the black backdrop!!! Just beautiful. xo

  3. Patricia L Walters Says:

    Gorgeous! Spectacular! The sea quilt is wonderful!

  4. Jo Grooms Says:

    Fantastic Sarah! Glad you are still making such beautiful quilts!

  5. Laura Gottlieb Says:

    Got to see your sea quilt in Chicago, after watching on your blog your progress in making it. It was TERRIFIC to see it in person! I was very impressed with the variety of whites and ivories you used for the waves and with the variety of hand-dyed fabrics you used for the water. The quilting was spectacular too. You really captured the experience of breaking waves on a rocky/sandy shore. Congratulations!

  6. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks so much Laura….I think my favorite part is the froth of the breaking wave in all the whites and ivories. I kept having to take it apart and go more and more pale until it worked! Thanks for writing. I swear, I may have to do another…bigger….wider! But in a triptych for manageability!

  7. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Good to hear from you Jo! Are you still quilting? I can still see The Wind Cries Mary in my mind’s eye as if it were yesterday!

  8. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks Nancy…I keep wondering how it would look on a dark blue wall, too!

  9. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thank you Patricia!

  10. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks Kristin…yes, it was definitely a pressure cooker period. That said, I’d like to do another, with maybe 3 panels (to make quilting easier) that is a LOT wider, at least 1 1/2 to 2 times wider!

  11. Jo Grooms Says:

    Hi Sarah! No, I haven’t quilted in years. I guess I lost my muse. I sometimes think about starting again, but haven’t done anything yet. I do a lot of knitting now. And some sewing; coats and things.

  12. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Laura, thank you SO MUCH for your comments…my apologies for not replying months ago…it has been beyond insanely busy here! I was really delighted with the way the surf turned out, but think the froth on the shallow water needs work. So I’ll just have to make another! Even with that, I really hope it gets juried in to Houston…waiting to hear in July! Thanks so much for writing, and again, sorry I am so slow in answering!

  13. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Jo–I’m glad to hear at least you have your hands on textiles! Keep at it…..and do come back to it. The Wind Cries Mary is one of my favorite art quilts EVER!

  14. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Sorry it has taken so long to reply! I have been so far beyond busy it’s crazy! I hope to see it in person on a black backdrop in Houston…jurying results out in another month or so! THANKS!