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Thar be Dragons in Maine!

Well…. at least just south of Union (not sure where the town line is…either in Union or Warren) on Route 235 there are!   ……. I LOVE these unexpected treasures and decided what better way to start the new year than with a bit of fun!  (and yes, I took these photos in early autumn, as you will see by the green and apples on the trees!)

The first time I drove past this farm I did a double and then a triple-take

Here’s a closer look:

I totally love these guys... they look like they are playing pat-a-cake instead of fighting!

And closer:

Isn't a zoom lens wonderful?

Some day I’d love some whimsy like this in my yard!

2 Responses to “Thar be Dragons in Maine!”

  1. Dorothy Karman Says:

    Those dragons are wonderful, aren’t they.

  2. Jacquie Says:

    Such fun! Material(s)?