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Erk…I forgot! About Lisa’s book–it’s a bloghop!

My post reviewing Lisa’s wonderful Creative Journeys book is part of a bloghop, so I invite you to visit these wonderful artists and friends and see what they have to say.

8th December – Sarah Ann Smith – (obviously you know me)
9th December – Lyric Kinard –
10th December – Erica Spinks –
11th December – Susan Brubaker Knapp –
12th December – Brenda Gael Smith –
13th December – Judy Coates Perez –
14th December – Shelley Stokes –
Erica is new to me, but the others are friends I have known for years.   This is yet another “I love the internet” moment–how fantastic that from Australia to North America we have managed to find each other and become friends, even when we haven’t met in person.  Then when you DO get to meet them in person, it’s a blast!
So head on out to visit the other reviewers, and be sure to go beyond the post about Lisa’s wonderful book so that you get to know their amazing artwork and products (thinking Shelley Stokes here!).

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