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Inspiration in the Ordinary Lecture on Saturday, January 27 in Waterville, ME

Hi all…quickly popping in to say HI!  I’m debuting my new lecture, Inspiration in the Ordinary, tomorrow at the Pine Tree Quilt Guild quarterly meeting in Waterville, ME.  To get directions, click here for more information.  Note, however, that the meeting has been moved down the hill to the auditorium.  Just look for where there are more cars parked!

From Sarah’s new lecture, Inspiration in the Ordinary. Many of you have seen my “dog walkies” photos…this is what inspires me, and a I’d like to inspire YOU.

Tomorrow I’ll have a follow up post with a PDF and links to the “visiting artists” websites, pattern links, information about apps, and the books mentioned in the lecture.   Hope to see many of you there!

And the last slide in the lecture


3 Responses to “Inspiration in the Ordinary Lecture on Saturday, January 27 in Waterville, ME”

  1. Marty O Says:

    Hey congratulations on Road2California!!! When you have a solo show or anything at Visions Art Museum please stay with me – I usually have an extra car here as well. I’d love to see you again and host you if you find yourself here. Again, congratulations!!!

  2. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    OMG would that ever be a dream…I suppose I need to make and ENTER stuff at Visions! It is so expensive to purchase the museum membership plus the entry fee though that it is a discouragement. I need to CREATE and then get it entered though, right? I’d LOVE to be able to take you up on your generous offer…what fun that would be. And yeah, I’m still in disbelief on the Rd2Calif first place! Thanks, Marty! Hope to see you in Houston this coming Oct/Nov!

  3. Patricia L Walters Says:

    Wish I could be a the lecture. Will look for the PDF> Thanks Sarah!