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Paint on Cloth at ProChem, Fall River, Massachusetts

Another SQUEEE–this time ProChem! I am delighted to share that I will be teaching a 3-day Paint on Cloth Workshop from August 5-7, 2020 at Pro Chemical & Dye in Fall River, Massachusetts. Think kindergarten for grown-ups with paint and cloth: silk paint, transparent, opaque and pearlescent textile paints, as both the Movie Star and the Supporting Cast. I’ll be developing course materials over the next 15 months, so if you’ve got something you want to learn, TELL ME! And if you’ve got a brilliant title, I’m sure I’m gonna need suggestions on that, too!

Modify the fabrics that you already have to create your art

I’m not usually an abstracts person, but I love the layers I was able to get from handwriting, screen printing, and stamping…come play with me!

Please let me know what YOU would love to do in a paint-on-cloth workshop. Personally, I want to go to dinner at the fabulous seafood restaurant out on the shore in Rhode Island after class, too! I’ll be back later in the year with more details, but in the meantime, tell me what you’d love to learn from me!

2 Responses to “Paint on Cloth at ProChem, Fall River, Massachusetts”

  1. Whiskers Says:

    Oooh, this sounds like fun. If I would need an apron, how about “Let’s get Messy!”

    What would I like to learn? Everything. You are doing swan dives with gold medal results. I’m still trying to get my toe wet.

  2. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks so much… just can’t believe all the good things that have happened this month. I should buy a lottery ticket. And about that wet toe….just dive in…it’s FUN! When I started working for an interior designer about 20+ years ago, my first task was to make a cushion out of $200 a yard (then!) mohair velvet. I was scared to cut it. She just said hey, it’s not someone’s child. It’s fabric. If you make a mistake, we buy more fabric. I didn’t make a mistake, but it helped to put things in perspective. Same with paint on cloth, and ours doesn’t cost so much!