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The ocean goes to Sapphire Celebration!

I’m delighted to report that my ocean quilt, She persisted in her quest to reach the shore and sing the anthem of the sea, will be a part of the Sapphire Celebration at International Quilt Festival Houston 2019 and any additional venues! WOOOHOOO!

2019 is the 45th anniversary for International Quilt Festival. Five years ago, they had the Ruby Jubilee celebration for their 40th anniversary, and shortly thereafter decided to have a similar celebration for their 45th. This time, the traditional gem for the 45th anniversary is the sapphire, so what is better than an exhibit full of glorious blue and white quilts? The call for entry wanted traditional, modern and art, and from the announcements I’m seeing and messages I’m receiving from friends, it is going to be a glorious exhibit. So delighted to have made the cut and be a part of it!

If you’d like to learn more about the quilt, visit its gallery page, here.

5 Responses to “The ocean goes to Sapphire Celebration!”

  1. Susan Smith Says:

    Congratulations, it’s amazing. Wish I could be there.

  2. Judith Crespo Says:

    Amazingly wonderful quilt!!

  3. Judith Crespo Says:

    Forgot to say I love the title too!

  4. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks Judith! The title gives shows the fits because it is so long, but when I put it out there on FB for suggestions, someone said “tell a story.” So I did!

  5. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks Susan, I wish you could be there too!