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IQA: Quilt Festival Traditional Quilts

As an ardent art quilter, you might not guess that I began my quilting journey with traditional quilts (my first is a Wild Goose Chase variation from McClun and Knownes Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! book, my second a Mariner’s Compass from a pattern by Mary K. Ryan of Vermont), and still absolutely adore them even if I don’t find the time to make them.  There was a wonderful exhibit of quilts from Texas, and I was able to take pictures.

Star of Stars, c. 1845, Unknown maker

Star of Stars, circa 1845, by an Unknown Maker, was on this year’s totebag (which you can see in the last picture on this post) and is simply spectacular in  color, design and workmanship.  It is a large quilt…101 by 101 inches, which is plenty big for a king sized bed!'lTx006

Oh My Gosh, by Diane Tenney, is a contemporary quilt.   The small flying geese triangles that make the diagonal lines on the quilt look like they are about 1.5 inches on the LONG side of the triangle!!! EEEK!

Log Cabin, Streak of Lighting setting, 65 1/2 x 77 inches; no date estimated; unknown maker.  I’m not usually wild about streak of lightning settings, but I really liked the use of value (light versus dark) in this one:'lTx004

I love log cabin quilts, tho, and this one with plaids was no exception.  It is 53 x 66 inches, dates to circa 1875-1885, by an unknown maker  The logs are barely a half-inch wide finished size!'lTx003

And here’s a detail..oh my!'lTx002

The final quilt I’ll share is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden with silk green border.  You can tell that Quilts, Inc., does things right…this delicate quilt even had a special display podium to prevent undue stress on the quilt.  The hexgons are about 1/2 inch across!!!!:'lTx001

If I recall correctly, all these quilts are in the International Quilt Festival collection…. I wonder how large that collection is… I’d love to see them ALL displayed some year but I expect it would take over the entire convention center, or nearly!

Next:  The Frayed Edges in October….Deborah came from Texas for a FUNDERFUL visit, then more on Festival.  Cheers, Sarah

3 Responses to “IQA: Quilt Festival Traditional Quilts”

  1. Mary Ann Littlejohn Says:

    During Quilt Festival, Karey B. announced that she has purchased a historic building in center of LaGrange, TX (near her Franch). It will be restored with the goal of being a museum. It as my understanding that she will be working with someone in History Dept. at Univ. of TX to stage meaningful exhibits there. Projected opening is Quilt Festival 2011, I believe. There will be tours from Houston as part of Festival.

  2. Caron Mosey Says:

    I love the first quilt!!! I’d love to see an entire exhibit dedicated to the Star of Bethlehem quilt pattern!

  3. Jacquie in Vermont Says:

    What gorgeous quilts you chose to share with us, Sarah! Thank you.