The best moment

Have been busy with Eli’s wrestling meets and working on a quilt (which I can’t share until about mid-April), but wanted to check in, and to share the best moment from the Super Bowl:  The Dodge Ram commercial.  Eloquent.  True.  The spirit of America.  Will be back soon with more. In the meantime, enjoy:


PS: My Uncle Eddie was a true cowboy, a ranch hand, in a small town up in the mountains of Wyoming north of Yellowstone; this commercial makes me think of him. He literally rode the fence rails on horseback in driving snow to tend the herds. He died last year at the age of 98, and I shall miss him. I loved that he would call me around Christmas every year after receiving our annual newsletter–it was such a joy to hear his voice strong and true even up in his 90s and know that someone old could still have all their marbles and keep in touch. RIP Uncle Eddie. And thanks to all the farmers and ranchers and every day folk like Uncle Eddie who make our country great.

5 Responses to “The best moment”

  1. Donna Keller Says:

    I couldn’t agree more Sarah. I think the Bud commercial ranked up there with it though. To me, they were the best two hands down! D~~~~

  2. Jackie W. Says:

    Thank you for the video, it brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Louise in SW Saskatchewan Says:

    I live in ranching country in SW Saskatchewan. It is not unusual to see men and women wearing cowboy hats, cowboy boots or Ropers, and lots of denim as every day wear. Dressing up means the new jeans and the good hat. Pick up trucks of varying vintages and often pulling livestock trailers are a common sight in town. Men and women are fit and active well into their senior years here after spending most of their lives ranching/farming.

    I used to work for a rancher. They preferred to ride horseback to check cattle instead if using atvs or trucks.

  4. Rachel Parris Says:

    Wow! A real cowboy! When I was a little GIRL I wanted to be a cowboy wheN I grew up! LOL

  5. Rachel Parris Says:

    Oh! And that was my favorite commercial hands down.