A Word for 2014, and a song

So every year or thereabouts, the QuiltArt list has a discussion as we approach and dive into the new year.  What will your word be for the coming new year?   I could remember my word for 2011—-the worst of the years from hell:  breathe, and a more apt word I never picked!   But I couldn’t remember what word I chose for 2013.  It appears I forgot to pick one.  So here’s what I wrote to the QA list:

for 2010:  simplify
for 2011:  breathe
for 2012:  refresh
for 2013:  I missed it this year!
for 2014:  hmmmmm….

(and it’s a good thing I keep emails and can use the search function on my laptop…the only one I remembered was “breathe” for the year Mom died, our oldest hit the bottom of his pit–luckily not a deep one–and other insanity.)

Actually, maybe “hmmmm” **should** be my word for the year.   Musing.  I’ve been thinking things like “re-assess,”  “re-evaluate,” and so on.   New avenues?  or Pathways?  Meanderings?  Explorations isn’t quite right.  Walking (not in the literal sense).  Trails?  Review isn’t quite right either.  

Maybe I should just toss my cares to the wind and say “fudge” (yes, the chocolate, edible kind!)!  Oh, why limit myself, how about “Dessert!”   I think I need some whimsy!  Command decision made:  Dessert it is!  

I’ll close with a favorite t-shirt quote: 

Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first!

Cheers, Sarah

PS:  yes, art can be the dessert!

So there you go:  Dessert if my word for 2014!  Makes me giggle!  WOOT!

And in that vein, I’m planning on (decaf) Kahlua Coffee with whipped cream for tonight (since we have Kahlua and no Irish Mist), so here is one last song for the year:  James Taylor singing For Auld Lang Syne–love this!  The older I get, the more the song brings tears to my eyes as I remember those whom I have loved and are gone, those whom I love now, one of whom I fear may not be with us this time next year (send her healing power to southern Texas that she be among the three percent that survives this cancer), and the beauty of life.  Indeed,

“so here’s a hand my trusted friend
and give me a hand o’ thine,
we’ll take a cup of kindness yet
for auld lang syne.”

Thank you for visiting me here in 2013.  Here’s to a healthy, loving, joyful, artful 2014 for all of us.  Hugs, Sarah

5 Responses to “A Word for 2014, and a song”

  1. Dorothy Karman Says:

    Have a wonderful 2014 with lots of dessert. Hugs, Dorothy.

  2. Jeanette Spellmeyer Says:

    My word for 2014 is “lovingreconcilement”

    I still Love the old rendition of Auld Lang Syne by the Big Band era!!!

  3. Beth-near Washington DC! Says:

    I fell asleep last night thinking of ‘my’ word for last year. Alas I did not write it down… and I doubt very much if it influenced me at all. And, I might say ‘focus’ for this year… but like you do I want to limit my opportunities… with just one word? Nah, I just pick one for thinking purposes… and then let it go! Happy New Year!

  4. Susan (Sanna) Burgess Says:

    Nice, I adore James Taylor and that song which was originally just a Scottish poem was actually written by my great relative Robert Burns! Extra touching for me, thanks for the share! Sanna

  5. Tricia Says:

    I could not agree with you more! “Eat Dessert First” has been my motto for several years now…since I first saw it on an embroidery CD. Besides, I personally think that after dessert, everything in life is better!!!