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D*rth V*d*r Meets the Hatchet Mask–it might just be the perfect mask!

For months I’ve been wanting to mess around with some of the new patterns for masks in pursuit of something that is breathable, comfortable, doesn’t fog up my glasses, and lets me use fun fabric.

If you are impatient, here’s a link to the free pattern—please, it is ok to make your own, even sell in your own Etsy shop, just no mass production! And yes, the sloth fabric is totally punny!

SO, I played around yesterday and DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. I think I’ve got it! up I merged the free PDF pattern for a 7-Dart mask from DIY Craft JP:  with the fairly prevalent “hatchet” shaped mask—the one made of two pieces of fabric for each side that curves from the bridge of the nose to under the chin.  The seven darts create a basket shape that holds its form well which results in a fit that doesn’t touch your face and is even better (a bit) than mine if that is your goal; I used their Small/Medium size.  The drawback, besides the tiny amount of extra time sewing darts, is that the long darts on the side interrupt the pattern on the fabric.  I wanted my sloths to make people laugh.  

As you can see by my pinching, the mask extends about a half inch / 1.2 cm beyond my nose. The mask fits SMOOTHLY, without bulk!, on the sides of my face and under my chin. It would be fairly easy to modify the length to accommodate a longer/shorter face or bountiful beard. Or reduce the pattern on a copier for a smaller person.

If you forget where you saw this, you can always find the link to the PDF (along with lots of other good stuff) on my Resources page. Just google Sarah Smith Quilts or surf straight into my website, click on Resources, then scroll down to Mask: D*rth V*d*r Meets the Hatchet Mask. All those asterisks? Well, a certain movie mogul has copyrights and lawyers. But the triangular shape of the front reminds me of that black-clad villain.

Again, here’s the link to the free PDF!

Oops! Quick update: I forgot to go back and fill in the size of fabric after I fine tuned the pattern… I’ve updated the initial pattern (as of Dec. 31, 2020). You’ll need fabric about 8 x 12 inches for the outside and same for the lining. I’m clearly not one for measuring… I just got the pattern worked out, then I fold the fabric on the grain until it is big enough for the pattern to fit LOL!

9 Responses to “D*rth V*d*r Meets the Hatchet Mask–it might just be the perfect mask!”

  1. Sharon Bourque Says:

    Hi Sarah. Love the look of your mask. I am just a bit confused about the nose darts. I don’t really see that on your pattern piece clearly marked. Can you explain further please. Thanks in advance for your time and for sharing.

  2. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Hi Sharon! Thanks for asking. The Mask pattern piece is placed on the fold. The curve at the top is the “dart.” If you look at the pattern piece you can see some dashed lines for the sides of the chin darts and similar dashed lines at the top paralleling the curve. That’s the “nose dart” (there is only one dart at the top). Does that help? THANKS! Please do ask again if still not clear. I may make another today or tomorrow, so I can take more pictures and add to the blogpost. Cheers, Sarah

  3. Sharon Bourque Says:

    Yes I do see those lines now. Thanks so much for the clarification and the quick response. Happy New Year. Stay safe.

  4. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Good…glad that helps! You stay safe too. Here’s to enough of us getting vaccinated all around the world to stem this beast!

  5. Tena Says:

    Hi Sarah, I don’t see where it tells you what size to cut your fabric. Under “Construction” Item 2. it says “You’ll need two pieces, each —x—- inches or … Counting the squares on the pattern, it looks like about 6.5w x 8.5h, width times 2, which would be 13w x 8.5h. is that correct?

  6. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Yikes and thanks! I forgot to go back and fill that in after I fine tuned the pattern… I’ll measure tonight and update the PDF in the next day or two. I’m clearly not one for measuring… I just got the pattern size, then I fold the fabric on the grain until it is big enough for the pattern LOL! Sorry about that…. thank you for bringing that to my attention! I’ll reply again when I’ve got it measured!

  7. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Measured: mine fit in a rectangle 8 x 12 inches…. with very little to spare, maybe 1/4 to 3/8″ on the edges. I’ll fix the PDF tomorrow….thanks so much for alerting me…. I tend to get excited and want to share and forget to go back and proofread ford the bazillionth time!

  8. Tena Davis Says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern and the measurements! (Love the fabric you used for yours.)
    Wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year!

  9. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks Tena, the same to you! Now I’m off to…gasp!…quilt!