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Sarah on The Quilt Show!

Yep, 2019 is shaping up to be a great year because I’ll be able to tick off a Bucket List item: in early April I’ll tape an episode of The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson! Here’s a preview I taped with Ricky while I was teaching at International Quilt Festival 2018 in Houston last November. I’m so psyched–gosh they made my work look SO GOOD!

Interview with Ricky Tims about my upcoming visit to . I’ll tape the episode in April and it will air later in 2019, I’m guessing towards late summer or fall (August to November for those not in the northern hemisphere). If you’d like to get my monthly newsletter, sign up on my home page, here.

 We haven’t finalized the topics yet so can’t share what it will be, but it’s bound to be something along the lines of art quilts, painting, fusing and/or quilting. I know I can’t fit in everything, but I hope to inspire you and maybe even generate some teaching jobs. If your group or show is interested, please contact me using the contact page on my website. And if you’d like to follow this blog, please click on one of the options to subscribe in the sidebar to the left.

And OMG: SEE YOU ON THE QUILT SHOW! Yep, I’m shouting in delight!  Thank you Ricky, Alex, Justin and John–can’t wait, and some quilty friends will be there for taping too…SQUEEEE!

8 Responses to “Sarah on The Quilt Show!”

  1. Tena D. Says:

    Congratulations Sarah! How exciting! Well deserved.

  2. Betty Jordt Says:

    What a beautiful interview! Can’t wait to see the full program.

  3. Karin McElvein Says:


  4. beth-near Louisville KY! Says:

    I gave up my subscription when I realized I wasn’t watching… (technical issue between computer and TV and sound) and then they changed the terms and what you could see… and I haven’t really been back since, (but that could also be attributed to lack of time to watch). May have to enlist a friend to watch your episode.

  5. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks BJ!

  6. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks Tena!

  7. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    I emailed you directly before I remembered to reply on the blog (smacking self upside head, again)…. I *think* at least some of the episodes are available for free for 5 days when they debut. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on that, post when it will air, and then post if there is a freebie viewing period. I’m proud to be a Gold Star member…signed up the first day. But do I ever watch? Too busy! But there’s been LOTS of good stuff lately which I’m watching so I can prep my segments appropriately. Love it when watching quilters do their thing is homework!

  8. Susan Smtih Says:

    Great interview. Can hardly wait to see the episode on The Quilt Show.