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Quilting Arts Online Studio Tour–Sarah’s place

Quilting Arts is having an online studio tour today (visit there to get the links to all the other studios…way cool, Cate!), so I thought I’d share some of what I like best about my studio.

1.  It is at home and my family is close by!

2.  My thread stash (hence the title of my book:  Threadwork Unraveled!) :
3.  The design wall, fabric storage and table!  I’d love to have full-height walls, but I don’t, so this will suffice.  I used 2″ thick rigid foam insulation covered with a flannel sheet for the design wall.  The storage is based on Carol Taylor’s and is custom made but oh-so-worth-it.  The work table is an old Ikea table that served as our kitchen and dining table for 20+ years.  When the boys got big enough to kick each other under the table, we got a bigger dining table and I got this for my studio.  I built a platform with 5/8″ plywood and tall casters/wheels.  The height is a perfect work surface, I ‘ve made storage underneath, and the table has good history/karma!

4.  My big, flat cabinet/surface for my sewing machine.  Since I got the big room (the one over the garage), I also got to host the guest bed, a gorgeous antique my late Father-in-law bought in New York City nearly 50 years ago; the bed dates to 1780!  I used to store my quilts on it, but the boys wanted to come in and flop on the bed…so…..

5.  I finally re-vamped my quilt storage.  Small pieces are in the plastic boxes, protected with a buffering layer of cloth.  Large quilts are rolled (blogpost about that here and here) and tucked into boxes under the bed:

6.  When I got fed up with not having ANY closets, I “made” one out of one of the narrow window bays.  At last, all the painting supplies are in one place, journaling in another, mixed media (ditto), shipping , etc.  Batting and shipping boxes are behind the antique Hoosier (1930s era kitchen cabinet):

So that’s it, my favorite bits.  But best of all,

7.  it’s home!

25 Responses to “Quilting Arts Online Studio Tour–Sarah’s place”

  1. Anne Huskey Lockard Says:

    Sarah—WOW! What a quilting studio—it’s homey, practical and in order! (and shows imagination in the ways you’ve used your space)
    Glad you decided to be part of *the tour*—hope you get lots of good feedback!


  2. Anne Says:

    That is a beautiful studio! It is so warm and cozy feeling! I love that you can see all of your fabric in that storage unit.

  3. Judi Says:

    Love your studio! We share something in common. I also have some wonderful vintage thread cabinets in my own studio. (I’m also taking part in the virtual studio tour sponsored by Studio magazine.)

  4. Grace Says:

    Sarah, I love your space! Love the table on casters. It’s what I did to my sewing/painting table or else moving it would be tough.

    Well done. I must say we seems to be a lot of well organized quilters these days.

  5. heckety Says:

    What a lovely room, I love wood panneling. Lots stored neatly in a small space too, the open shelves with storage containers are great idea. Thank you for having me!

  6. Lori Paximadis Says:

    Love that great pop of color on the bookshelves. It looks like a lovely space to work in.

  7. cre8tiva/rebecca e. parsons Says:

    i so loved the tour of your creative space…please come see mine when you have a chance…i am having a giveaway…hugs, rebecca

  8. Amy in Austin Says:

    Wow! What a fantastic space! It’s so open and I love all of the wood. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kim D. Says:

    Beautiful Studio!! Love all the wood and the light from outdoors, looks like a great place to create.

  10. wendy Says:

    Oh, how nice your studio is!!! It’s so warm and inviting!

  11. Gracie Says:

    Love your room, so comfy. And what a thread collection. Love the storage for it.

  12. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    What a beautiful space! The perfect blend of inspiration and organization! I LOVE that big bed! Thanks for sharing!

  13. quiltpixie Says:

    Love the natural light and wood — looks like a warm “comfy” plae to work.

  14. Marcy Horswill Says:

    I love all the wood surfaces! You have a wonderfully warm and inviting look to your studio. Best of luck with your book.

  15. Mary Anne Says:

    I’m in like with all the wonderful wood in your studio! And that bed (and the wonderful colourful threads!) are to die for! Thanks so much for sharing your studio with us.
    Mary Anne

  16. LLAbbott Says:

    Love all the wood!!!! You have a truly wonderful space for your work. And I love the old spool chest. Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Blessings.

  17. Anke Says:

    Hi Sarah Ann, I know what you mean about being home and having your Studio with it! It’s wonderful! Your room looks like a great place to enjoy creativity! So enjoy as much as you can!
    Smiles, Anke 😉

  18. Vivika Hansen DeNegre Says:

    Well, you have me beat with the amount of thread, but not by much! Lovely space, Sarah, and I envy the windows!


  19. Gina Says:

    What a beautiful room – I too love the wood! And you’ve made it into such a great studio. Thanks for showing it to us!

  20. Robin Koehler Says:

    The wood makes it all feel so homey! What a fantastic space. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Sandra Says:

    This studio is warm and inviting and, in a word, Beautiful! How lovely it would be to spend time in this cozy environment. I’m envious of the thread spool holders…how nice!

  22. Gisela Says:

    Your studio looks warm and lovely.
    And that thread cabinet is awesome!!

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  25. Marie Says:

    You have a REAL studio! Well deserved and really beautiful! Congratulations!