Visiting Arkansas

Here’s another seriously overdue post…about my wonderful visit to teach in Little Rock and Hot Springs Village in Arkansas this past April.

Sherri wanted me to see this old mill which was, if any of your are movie buffs and eagle-eyed, in Gone With the Wind! It was a stunningly beautiful setting, even with somewhat drippy skies!

I had a “down” or extra day between my bookings in Little Rock and Hot Springs Village.  Imagine my delight when Sherri D.–an internet friend from a small quilt group on yahoo– realized I was coming to teach at her guild and that we could chum around together on that day!  We had a blast…but I think the best part was something for which there are  no photos, so you’ll just have to use your imaginations:  after supper, I was treated to an impromptu Celtic concert by Sherri, her dear hubby and dear son.  They play at RenFaires, and I got my very own performance as they prepped for performing at their first RenFaire in Arkansas!  So tap your toes and hum to yourself as you read….

This falls into the “inspiration is everywhere” category. This is old elevator equipment next to the parking lot for the main public library, where the QUEST guild has its meetings and workshops. Lovers of steampunk…feast your eyes on real gears!

Although I’m usually all about asymmetry, I loved this cropped view of the elevator workings.

and I couldn’t resist one more…

We also had fun wandering around that old stone mill….

This bridge is next to the old mill shown in the photo at top. Can you believe it…those “tree branches” are actually cement!

And who can resist a photo of a real mill wheel:

the mill wheel at the old stone mill….

Sherri and me…astonishing…we both look good! Must be because we were happy and just kept smiling all day! Even my *hair* cooperated!

I hereby vow that I will TRY to post a little closer to when stuff actually happens.  Gee…what a concept LOL!

2 Responses to “Visiting Arkansas”

  1. Sherri D Says:

    That mill is actually called “Old Mill” and is in North Little Rock, Arkansas. It really is a beautiful spot in the middle of our little city.

    I really enjoyed showing you a few sites Sarah! You were easy to entertain! lol hugs

  2. Vivian Swift Says:

    Hi Sarah–

    Oh, reading your backblog took me on such an inspirational coast-to-coast journey (I have the same photo of me at Mile 0 of US Route One in Key West!)…your interpretation of southern California sun at the Getty is very powerful. And the Cardinal in the Xmas tree I love because I adore white-on-white work.

    Small world: one of the quilters in the SAQA auction that you discuss, Benedicte Caneill, is the same Madame Benedicte Caneill who did the final French edit on my book, Le Road Trip. ALWAYS trust the insight and taste of a quilter, I say, even if all you do is write illustrated travel memoir.