First Glimpses, IQA / Houston Market and Festival 2012

I left Owl’s Head airport in Rockland at Sunrise:

Sunrise from the Cape Air plane to Boston

And departed Boston’s lights at 6:30 pm,

Taking off from Boston-Logan airport, Monday night, en route home

Arriving back home in Owl’s Head at about 7:35 pm:

Yes, it is that dark here! The long string of lights you see are actually the runway!

I really like the lights of home.  Or more precisely, the lack of lights!

In between I had the most fun I’ve ever had in Houston:  I taught Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (with demos on the show floor), and Friday morning.  Saturday I got to visit the Texas Quilt Museum in LaGrange, Texas (about 90 minutes by coach bus each way), and Sunday got to see the show.  Then home on Monday…nothing better than coming  home to hugs with my guys and slurps from the critters.

The Rituals exhibit during Market. I’m so glad I took this picture, because I thought I was losing my mind! During Market, my quilt was facing the aisle. When I returned on Wednesday night when Festival opened they had swapped the quilts from front to back and end to end! So glad I’m not crazy and that I really did remember this correctly! My quilt is Strength and Calm, a standing figure on a yellow-to-gold-to-plum background (just to the right of the lady in the red dress).

And part of the other side of the “Rituals” exhibit. Thanks to Havel‘s for sponsoring this exhibit! We, the artists, truly appreciate your generosity.

This year I was able to donate again to the IQA Silent Auction. Here are the donations from award winners, teachers and authors on display.

My donation was the Koi, which is a first cousin to the Koi quilt I made 8 years ago. He has now swum off to his new home! Enjoy, and thank you to whoever bid on him. I appreciate your support of the International Quilt Association!

I’ll be back in the coming days with pictures from my classes, trip to LaGrange, and the show floor.  As always, I am blown away and inspired by what I was able to see!



One Response to “First Glimpses, IQA / Houston Market and Festival 2012”

  1. Jamie Fingal Says:

    You are not crazy. The exhibit was not hung correctly in the order that I had asked for, so on Wednesday morning, the entire exhibit was re-hung the right way, creating a wow factor from every angle. Enjoyed seeing you at Festival.