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Peek Into Batiks–June Block!

Earlier in the year I shared that Michael Miller Fabrics is doing a Block of the Month called Peek Into Batiks. It all began here. That post has links to each month as the new block goes live. Well, June is my turn! I’ve got still photos and (gasp) a video! And, drum roll here is the link to the JUNE Pattern and instructions.

Here’s the finished block! Read on for step by step instructions.

First, of course, you need to cut your fabrics. I used a hybrid method using the AccuQuiltGo! for everything except the large black triangles on the border. First, let me show you how fast it went cutting the components on my AccuQuiltGO! in this video. The video isn’t perfect–I’m improving in my editing skills. I need to mark what is within camera view though! Next video will be even better…I’m learning! When I was playing, it stopped a couple times so just click play again to continue–keep an eye on where the progress bar is. Dunno what’s up with that…another learning curve LOL!

Wasn’t that amazing? Wait until you see the Winding Ways quilt I have in progress for later this year! For now, let’s stick to Peek Into Batiks! This step is where I veer from the instructions (of course, it’s me… who follows instructions EVER completely? Not me…) In the interest of fewer seams, I chose to use the flip-and-sew method for the Flying Geese Units.

I’ve set out the large rectangles and half square triangles to make the frame for the block.
Then I chain pieced the first side of the large Flying Geese.
For the second side of the Flying Geese, same process, just make sure you get the triangles doing in the correct direction. Sew, trim, press.
And the actual sewing bit…
In the interest of not ripping out seams, it really helps to lay these out so you have theirs organized correctly.
Next up, piecing the quarter-squares for the center. First, sew two triangles together.
The Janome M7 Continental lets me piece SO accurately. Between the M7 and AccuQuilt, even *I* can be precise!
I paired up the two-triangle units to make sure I didn’t mix them up while sewing.
Then, sewing the pairs together. Using the M7’s HP foot and throat plate meant PERFECT piecing. See next pic!
And two of the quarter-squares sewn together. I can’t believe I pieced that perfectly!
Here’s the back of the block. Notice that some seams are pressed to one side, but the main seams joining the four squares are pressed open. This helped keep everything nice and tidy and perfect on the front.
Once the center unit was ready, I set up the “frame” for the block.
I sewed the sections together in three rows. Notice the only imperfection is down where *I* used rotary cutting…sigh……..
Here’s the finished block again!

Remember, go here or HERE for all the links to the six blocks so far and to check in for the rest of the year. The finished quilt is beautiful!

9 Responses to “Peek Into Batiks–June Block!”

  1. Charisma Says:

    Great job Sarah! These blocks are beautiful. I have all of mine pieced. I just have to put them together. 🙂

  2. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks Charisma…. I confess, I’m the wayward child…I’m using my batiks for something completely different LOL! I’m in the process of quilting a 34 x 34″ quilt for August!

  3. Francine L Waggoner Says:

    Where is #6 block to download? It is no where it says it will be. Help please?? It only goes up to block #5. Thank you

  4. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Well fooey! It appears they are a tad behind in posting the links. I have written to my contact to ask if she can upload to the blog or if someone else in the company has to do it. The company is located in New York City and the main offices are still closed, and shipping of bolts of fabric to stores only resumed (and then only partially) about two weeks ago. So they are still not back to “normal.” I’ll keep an eye on it and try my best to remember to respond to you …. good news…. my contact has responded already, while I was writing this! She doesn’t have access to update the post but she will ASAP remind the person who does that work. Let’s keep an eye out over the next couple of days!

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  6. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Francine, check here:

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  8. Sew Banana Says:

    Nice efffort. Keep it Up.

  9. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Thanks so much!