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Teaching in Houston!!!

A large envelope arrived from the International Quilt Festival folks in Houston yesterday; despite its size, I figured it had to be a sorry, no thanks.  WRONG!   I am teaching in Houston this coming Fall!!!!!!!!  I am elated beyond belief… it has been quite the effort to float down to be able to reach the keyboard LOL!

After I met yet another deadline I checked to see when applications were due…it was in six days!  So I quickly put together everything (I had last year asked on my blog for letters of recommendation and received several…thanks Betty, Jan, Mathea and Rebecca for your help!) and overnighted it ($16 well spent!) to Houston to make the deadline for certain.  Well, yesterday I received the results, and will have four days of teaching (I wanted 3 or 4):

Monday, October 12,
Fine Finishes (bindings and edge finishes)

Tuesday, October 13,
Machine Applique Three Ways
(the Blue Gingko pattern)

Wednesday, October 14
Tame Fiddly, Fussy Threads for Machine Quilting
(the More Machine Quilting class)

Thursday, October 15
Chunk and Jigsaw Fusible Applique–
total fun!  fabric postcards plus

    The classes will be in the Janome machine classroom (yeah!) except for the Wednesday class, which will be in the BabyLock classroom…better go find a BabyLock dealer and see how their machines are set up!

    I’ve set it up to do small kits for the classes, as that makes it a lot easier for both the students and teachers.  They get what they need that is unusual (they are asked to b ring their own fabric, batting, etc….usual items) like crisp interfacing, water soluble paper, fancy threads, that sort of thing.

    So, now I’m going to go eat breakfast (Irish oats and a banana) and float again!  THEN, after I finish a project to submit for consideration for the 2009 Quilting Arts Gifts issue (comes out before the holidays) and get that mailed off, I need to start getting my set-up done to use the video camera and digital projector in my teaching.  I actually signed up for a Jan Krentz workshop this may tho I pretty much never do traditional piecing any more just so I can watch how she teaches.  She’s coming to Maine in May at the invitation of the Pine Tree Quilt Guild, and I can’t wait!

    11 Responses to “Teaching in Houston!!!”

    1. Gari Says:

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can only imagine how excited you must be. And your classes sound most interesting, ones I would enjoy taking.

    2. Donna Says:

      Congratulations! You rock! That is so cool, and I am excited for you. I’m pretty sure I’ll be attending in Houston again this year, and if so, I might just take your fabric postcard class!

    3. Cherri House Says:

      Congratulations!!! How wonderful for you, and your upcoming students!


    4. Jamie Fingal Says:

      Wow. A BiG congratulations to you. I am so happy for you. And your students will be in store for great things.

    5. Jacquie Says:

      You sound to be going off like a sky rocket and two roman candles at once! (And I don’t blame you one bit!)

      Last year Paducah, this year Houston — what other worlds do you plan to conquer?

      This is a real Oh frabjous day, calloo, callay day for you — hope your family is as impressed as I am.


    6. Wil Says:

      Wonderfull news for you Sarah!

    7. Ilana Joffe Says:

      Congratulations, Sarah. That is just fantastic! I hope one of these days you’ll be teaching at Long Beach and/or Road to California. I’ll keep checking so I can be sure to get a spot in your class.

    8. Maggie in E. Central Illinois Says:

      YAHOO! How exciting for you! Alas, I am not able to go to Houston, but I am smiling from ear to ear for you!

    9. jessie Says:

      Congratulations!!! I live in houston and 1 or 2 of those classess looks really good. I will have to look you up closer to the next festival!

    10. Judi Says:

      Congratulations Sarah. You hit the big time you go girl!!!

    11. Daphne Greig Says:

      Congrats Sarah! I just received my ‘fat’ envelope too so maybe we can FINALLY meet in Houston – remember you moved from the west coast before we could connect.