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Birch Pond Landscapes class

After years of hinting to me that her customers would love a landscape class, I finally agreed to teach one at Maine-ly Sewing ( in Nobleboro, Maine.  (Contact the store to sign up, etc.)   The class will be Saturday, Feb. 28th, from 10-4 !

Birch Pond, Summer

Birch Pond, Summer

As usual, I figured why make one quilt when you can make two…. So I made the fusible applique quilt two ways, autumn and summer.  I am so pleased with the results that I think I’ll do the four seasons, write it up as a pattern and sell it…let me know what you think?   The pattern is actually quite easy, finishes about 22×25 inches (depending on your border and your final composition of the scene…there is definitely fudge-room here!).  PS–photos are clickable for a slightly larger view.

I did easy quilting so that beginning quilters and machine quilters won’t feel intimidated…I PROMISE, it really is easy to do the quilting on these patterns even when you are new to it!  Here is a detail photo:

Birch Pond, Summer, Detail

Birch Pond, Summer, Detail

Initially I did the autumn version… I just love the glorious colors of Maine in Fall.  However, given that Fall is behind us, and it has been winter for quite a while, Marge and I decided to use the Summer version (hope is eternal!  It WILL come again!) to advertise the class.  But, I wanted students to see that they can make the quilt in many ways.  Frankly, I kinda think it would be fun to do it another time in totally wild colors, like plum and turquoise and mango and lime…. wouldn’t that be a hoot?  Anyway, here is a more realistic, autumnal version:


And a detail of the Autumn version; note that I did the leaf canopy two different ways… in summer I used the twist-and-chop way to cut chunks, for autumn I used the slice it into confetti method!

Hope you like the quilts, and hope to see some of you in class!

Birch Pond, Autumn, detail

Birch Pond, Autumn, detail

9 Responses to “Birch Pond Landscapes class”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I love these. I suspect these will sell great as a pattern especially for all those who want to start art quilting. Great colors too. Good luck in your class.

  2. Gari Says:

    Great quilt: too bad Maine is so far from South AL. Would be a class I would like to take.

  3. Jacquie Says:

    I wondered what you had been up to –and now I know!
    Lovely landscapes and great for both classes and patterns to sell. Good going!

    Maybe your trip to teach in Western Vermont in the spring will give you some new landscape inspirations!

  4. Maggie in E. Central Illinois Says:

    I’d take the class…..wait, you’re in Maine….drats, too far! LOL! Okay, I’ll definitely buy your pattern if you made it up and made it available!

  5. Loiuse in SW Saskatchewan Says:

    I was not able to click and enlarge on the pics……. neither right nor left click. Perhaps it only works for macs (tongue firmly in cheek).

    Lovely designs!

  6. Norma Schlager Says:

    These are lovely, Sarah. It makes me want to walk right into the picture.

  7. Gayle Says:

    These designs are great for people wanting to learn basic landscape techniques – nothing difficult – mostly gentle curves, overlapping in layers. I also like the simplicity of using a “snippet” technique for the leaves in Autumn – very effective!

  8. Anne in Brunei Says:

    Lovely little landscapes, and I wish you could come to Brunei to teach as you’d be guaranteed a full class.

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