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Miriam Coffey, Janome Educator, at the Janome Education Summit 2018 Post #5

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Several years back I had the great good fortune to have Miriam as the educator in one of the classes I taught in Houston.  It was fun to see her again at the Summit, and a jaw-dropping experience when we got to see some of the goodies she has made.  As she put it, she’s not a bows and teddy bears sort, but she DOES to machine embroidery on her Janome embroidery machine. I don’t do hearts and bows either, so I love how her entire approach–totally in keeping with her personality–is fresh and fun and inspiring.

Miriam brought show and tell, and it’s a miracle none of us tried to sneak home some of her goodies, except we wouldn’t do that to her! This sewing items case (could easily be an iPad cover etc), she used the embroidery module to create fabric, then cut the stitched fabric designs apart to use in patchwork. All those green bits were solid / plain fabric until she decorated them with embroidery.

Miriam must have been sitting under a vent because she was wrapped in this snuggle throw. It was made from flannel on one side, the Cuddle fleece (see earlier post) on the other, then free-motion quilted using fuzzy yarn and the couching foot. Let me just say I loved it so much I have already ordered fleece which is waiting for me in my workroom!

And another one of those throws. WANT!

Here’s a close up of a sample: Miriam hooped the fabric, embroidered it with a sashiko pattern (I think using a twin needle)

Lookit how modern the tumbling blocks pattern become hen using cloth that Miriam “made” by embroidering a simple solid.  With a little imagination, it would be possible to achieve some of this effect just using the decorative stitches on most machines.

A case Miriam made…same idea!

This is part of a wall hanging Miriam made using programmed designs. But I want to try to re-create that cross-cut of tree bark and tree rings just using the variable zigzag feature on my 9440 and free-motion stitching.

And a sample of a honeycomb programmed stitch (done on the embroidery module) on top of pieced squares.   It would be a fuss, but you could do this (probably not as perfectly!) using careful marking and a satin stitch, but obviously lots easier when it is a programmed design on the 15000 that you hoop and hit “start.”   It’s almost enough to convince me to try embroidery LOL!

Anyway, Miriam was so much fun to have in class…helpful, professional, capable, and obviously has a lot of creativity and skill to teach and share.  Thanks for schlepping ALL those things to share with us, Miriam!

Merry Mistletoe, a new free project

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Hi all!   At long last the new laptop has arrived, the nearly-deceased one is retired, and I’m scrambling to catch up.  So first things first!  Janome has published my freebie table runner pattern on their website and blog as part of the holiday celebrations. As always, thanks to Janome America for having me in their Artist and Teacher program for lo these many happy and productive years.

A table runner I made to feature the Janome 15000's beautiful embroidery

A table runner I made to feature the Janome 15000’s beautiful embroidery.  And no, my table is NEVER this tidy.  My laptop lives where the lower left corner is and there is always a pile of “to do” stuff!

I used a Lonni Rossi embroidery design built in on the Janome 15000 I am currently using.  I altered the colors of the built-in design to a wintry, holiday palette of red, green and golden tan.  Honestly, I never thought I’d like machine embroidery (the wanting to do my own thing stuff), but this design is so gorgeous and even *I*, a soul who doesn’t like uber-computerized machines, was able to stitch this out nearly perfectly the first try!

To see the project on the Janome site, go here and scroll down to December 14, 2015 or go here.   To download a PDF including full color photos with some neat tips for getting those skinny red strips to be perfect, go here.

The plain old vanilla photo of the table runner.

The plain old vanilla photo of the table runner.

Here’s what the project looks like in the original color selection on my 15000.  Quite a difference, eh?  And here is the boring, straight-on view of the table runner.

The Janome 15000 open to the Lonni Rossi block in the original colors.

The Janome 15000 open to the Lonni Rossi block in the original colors.

Close up of the original color way on the machine.

Close up of the original color way on the machine.

I’ve got one more version/colorway, but it is a gift (as yet unfinished) for Christmas, so I’ll just have to share it and add it in here later!

If you don’t have this machine, never fear–you can just insert your favorite embroidery or fabric instead of doing this beautiful design.



The Janome 15000 App by Jim and Diane Stutsman of Software Miracles

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

The phrases life-saver, worth it’s weight in gold, a value at twice the price are what first come to mind:   The Janome 15000 app is simply amazing.  I have delayed blogging and reviewing it because I wanted to view ALL the videos first.  I came to realize there is simply so much content packed into this App that it would take eons for me to go through all of the videos, and I should simply go ahead and say:  if you are lucky enough to have the Janome 15000, unless you are an expert like Jim and Diane Stutsman, BUY THIS App!!!!!



When you type Janome 15000 into the App Store search box, you’ll get this screen. You will see a “buy” and price. On mine, it has the Download box since I’ve already got it.

To buy it, you’ll want to use your iOS device (iPad usually but also works on iPhone, just smaller for seeing) to open the App store.  Type Janome 15000 into the search box to reach the App which sells for $59.95.  If you don’t have a Janome, you can still learn from Jim and Diane via the FootBook, their App (reviewed FootBook Review) about how to use Janome presser feet.  Don’t let that dissuade you:  this modestly priced ($6.99) app shows how to use various feet that are common to all machines.  Even though the foot name might be different from one brand to the next, how they work carries over.

When you go to the App store on your iOS device, put Software Miracles into the search box to bring up this screen.

When you go to the App store on your iOS device, put Software Miracles into the search box to bring up this screen.  The FootBook is pictured on the left.  The Janome 15000 pretty much covers all the territory on the FootBook, so you don’t need both.  However, since many of my readers aren’t lucky enough to have the 15000, I’m including this for their information.

The Janome 15000 App is a “manual” for the Janome 15000 with videos, photos, and incredible and extensive detail that covers

  • Home Screen Functions
  • Embroidery Functions
  • Home Screen Applications
  • Optional Feet
  • Quick Start Videos
  • Set Screen Functions (how to customize the machine)
  • HorizonLink Suite (an optional embroidery software from Janome)
  • iPad Apps (including the included with the 15000 Acu Monitor and AcuEdit)
  • Accessories (Using the optional Clothsetter)
  • Free Motion Quilting

Here’s what you see when you open the App:

When you open the Janome 15000 App, here's what you see...don't forget to scroll down, there is a LOT more!

When you open the Janome 15000 App, here’s what you see…don’t forget to scroll down, there is a LOT more!

There are multiple videos and tutorials for each of the above major sections.  As with their impressive FootBook App (which is about how to use Janome feet, but frankly works for most feet/brands, blogpost here), there is a ton of information   In the Home Screen Applications section alone there are tutorials on (photo just below).

  • Seaming
  • Overedge
  • Blind Hem and Shell Tuck
  • Rolled Hem
  • Zippers
  • Gathering
  • Bating
  • Button Sewing
  • Tacking
  • Applique
  • Patchwork
  • Quilting
Here's just part of what is on this information-packed app.

Here’s just part of what is on this information-packed app.

This app is essentially a whose SERIES of sewing lessons that are useful even if you aren’t on the 15000 (though they are geared to using the screens and pre-sets on this machine).   And, because it is an App, not a disc, Jim and Diane can update the software easily.  Once there is an update, you can download the update as part of  your original purchase price, which means you get the benefit of improvements down the line.

As I said when I reviewed the FootBook, I have been hand-sewing since I was about 7, and Mother let me start to machine sew when I was about 9.  I am pretty close to expert having made garments, worked for an interior designer making high-end home dec items, and been both a traditional and art quilter (published, exhibited, yada yada).  Well, I learned stuff from this App, which means that it is crazy comprehensive.

For me, with my experience, the embroidery instructions are the most useful, and I am so grateful to have these on my iPad so I can watch them while I am working at my machine.   I don’t have the Horizon Link Suite (because I’m not wild for embroidery), but I can tell you if I did I would use these videos as my step-by-step learning process.  Another thing that is amazing, Jim has a Yahoo group for owners of the Janome 12000 and 15000.  I joined before Janome lent me one just to start learning.  Jim’s help there has also been phenomenal.   If you are interested, you can go Janome 15000 yahoo group to ask to join the group.

The Stutsmans have a website,  Here’s a link to the page with info on the Janome 15000 app, and another link for the FootBook. There is helpful information on what you need in terms of tablets for viewing (with generation etc).

Bottom Line and Last Word:  If you have the Janome 15000, unless you are the most expert Janome 15000 person on the planet, you will learn something from this App and be able to use and learn from it.


Lonni Rossi Embroidery design!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

So besides photography, what have I been up to these past six months and more?  Well, a lot of teaching, a lot of work, and not a lot of free time.  And oh yeah, being exhausted from the thyroid stuff (which is FINALLY improving…we may finally have the right RX…will see in a month).  So I have neglected the blog plain and simple.   I’ll try to fix that!  Today just a brief tease:

Lonnie Rossi embroidery design available from Janome, included on the Janome 15000.

Lonnie Rossi embroidery design available from Janome, included on the Janome 15000.  The red and green will be part of what I plan to do with this block.  Sorry the photo is a little blurry–I’ll fix that by the time I get the project done! 

Can you believe that I, the “never do anyone else’s designs” person and “embroidery really isn’t me”, have enjoyed learning about embroidery on the phenomenal Janome 15000 that I currently have on loan (thank you again Janome-America).  Most of the included designs are, well, why “embroidery is not me.”  But Lonni’s designs ROCK!   The one above was done in a totally different colorway–soft greens, some peach.   Well, not me.   Has opened up a world of possibilities, including perhaps some of MY designs finally getting refined and submitted for consideration by Janome!  [Taylor, I promise, I really have stuff for you! I just need to make it good enough to send in!]

As part of the Janome Artist-Teacher loan program, I make stuff that Janome can blog about or use in their booths to show what can be done with their machines.  I thought the flowers looked like poinsettia as well as chrysanthemums, so I changed up the thread colors to reds, green and gold (not metallic).

I am also not someone that loves fiddling with computerized stuff on a machine.  I have to say, this machine has made it SO EASY.   Another thing that has helped immensely if an App from Jim and Diane Stutsman, available for iOS devices (iPad and iPhone), that teaches you everything but everything about the 15000.  I’ll review that in my next post.  It costs only $59.95 US, and all I can say is that if you have this machine, you will NOT regret spending that $60.  Totally worth it.

Anyway, when the winter Janome project is made with this design, of course I’ll share here.  The pattern will be available for free (here or on Janome or both…I’ll let you know), along with exact thread colors, yardage, etc.   Stay tuned!

Gosh it feels good to be back in touch (and have a functioning brain and body…now, to do something about the pudge and lack of fitness….)!