Bloghop-Giveaway Grand Finale!

To cap a wonderful bloghop, I would first and foremost like to thank the amazing artists and bloggers who made this possible:  Jamie Fingal, Deborah Boschert, Vicki Welsh, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Terry Grant, Gloria Hansen and Diane Perin Hock.  To all of you who left comments, THANK YOU!  And to Quilting Arts/Interweave, Mistyfuse and Havel’s Scissors, thank you for your generous donations that make this grand prize possible!  Here is one more chance to win, and read to the bottom for a bit more news!  Please note, this giveaway is for those residing in the United States only due to postage costs.  However, if you live outside the US and win and are willing to share postage costs, you can enter also. Leave comments before 8 a.m. Eastern Time, October 10th.  I’ll do the drawing that morning and post/contact the winner.DRUM ROLL please:  the Winner is number 42, Gail Myrhodosky!  I’ve emailed you, Gail, to get your snail mail address.  This giveaway is now over, but I’ll do one more in mid November–come back on November 10th—well, come back before then please, but for more on the Holiday giveaway, visit here on November 10th.

There is now a video clip available on YouTube which you can watch here or over on YouTube, here.

The grand prize is grand indeed:

Huge thanks to Quilting Arts/Interweave, Mistyfuse and Havel's for their generous donations to this bloghop!

Huge thanks to Quilting Arts/Interweave, Mistyfuse and Havel’s for their generous donations to this bloghop!

  • A copy of the DVD!
  • A selection of products from MistyFuse! I show you how I use these products in the Video workshop.
  • A huge donation from Havel’s Scissors including a generous giftbag that includes long scissors, short scissors, snips, seam ripper, AND the non-stick scissors too!
  • And a copy of Quilting Arts Gifts magazine from this year, with a project by me!

Here’s a photo of the stencilled ornaments project I did; I will also be demonstrating this project at the Christmas Delights Sampler (Class 765, and it still has openings…sign up at Festival!) from 2 to 5 Saturday afternoon at International Quilt Festival!

My project in the Quilting Arts Gifts 2013-14 issue is Stenciled Ornaments.

My project in the Quilting Arts Gifts 2013-14 issue is Stenciled Ornaments.

If you’d like to win this GRAND PRIZE, please leave me a comment and tell me something you learned these past two weeks from one of the blogs you visited on the bloghop!    And if you can’t wait, or don’t win, do remember you can order my DVD from me here or the download (or DVD) from Interweave, here.  Leave comments before 8 a.m. Eastern Time, October 10th.  I’ll do the drawing that morning and post/contact the winner.

NOTE:  this giveaway is for those residing in the United States due to postage costs.  However, if you live outside the US and win and are willing to share postage costs, you can enter also.

And….. just when you thought the bloghop was over, NOPE!  I’m doing a SECOND bloghop in early-to-mid-November to kick off the holiday season.  So on November 10th, make sure you come back (well, come back and read my blogposts before then, but you know what I mean) to join the second and final round of fun!


63 Responses to “Bloghop-Giveaway Grand Finale!”

  1. Beth-near Washington DC Says:

    Sarah…. thanks for the leads to new and different blogs. I added some to my regular reading list. I can’t say I learned anything particularly quilty…. but I did learn I am not the only one obsessed with taking pictures of nature…

  2. Betsy Says:

    Yes, I was able to see thread painting which I find interesting. Thank you so much for th chance.

  3. Carol LaBorie Says:

    I would love to have a copy of the DVD. Like the person posting before me, I see that I’m not the only one who loves taking photographs of nature – and now, to turn them into quilts using the techniques in this DVD. Thank you.

  4. Marsha Says:

    I enjoyed the blog hop.

  5. Mary Ann Cox Says:

    Learned lots of stencil ideas from Leslie and lots from the others as well. Looks like it would be lots of fun to thread paint stencil work. They all are amazing artists as are you. Love your book.

  6. Mary Benton Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I have enjoyed following you so very much.I have your book and your class on Craftsy. You are an inspiration to all and a most informative and lovely teacher. Mary

  7. Pat Dicker Says:

    Oh I hope I am not too late. I can’t wait to see your video. Maybe a friends luck will rub off on me. She just won two blog hops!

  8. Jocelyn Says:

    I have to say that I never knew that thread painting could be so beautiful. Loved the inspiration. This is something I would love to try. Thanks so much for the grand tour.

  9. Ilana Says:

    I learned that Jamie Fingal has a new fabric line which is bright, fun and gorgeous!

  10. Linda Fleming Says:

    Thank you for the tour. It was an eyeopener to see the work of all these fabulous artists.
    I know now that thread painting is something I must try!

  11. Susan Says:

    I learned that there are a lot very talented and generous people out there

  12. suzie hammond Says:

    I am in South America and have desperate need for all these goodies. My son is coming down for Xmas and he will be dragging a suitcase full of my latest ‘must-haves’ from ‘civilization’. Also have guest coming down in February so I can receive this if I win.

    Now to what I learnt. First of all I love the gas pedal/brake theory of using my baby rotary cutter. I went right up and did a little practice on that one and have so much more control.

    I also really enjoyed the work of all the hop sites. Gloria’s quilts with the way she outlines her graphics made me want to try that again and Jamie’s Twisted use of color and graphic is helping me to pin down the direction I need for a commission for a really ‘loud’ quilt .

    It was thoroughly satisfying to see everyone. I will be back for round two whether I win or not as all your choices of sites made me think newly.

  13. Shawn J Says:

    When I saw the thread painting That was pretty interesting, thank you.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  14. Quilting Tangent Says:

    The thread painting, makes everything look so real.

  15. Ann Craig Says:

    Can’t wait for the big day! Just got your book Threadwork Unravelled and LOVE it! The DVD would be a great compliment to it!

  16. Susann T Says:

    I have really enjoyed the blog hop and reading new blogs which I had not found before. Thanks

  17. Holly McLean Says:

    I would sure love to win this DVD and would definitely share or pay the postage!
    I also had a snowflake project in the recent Quilting Arts Gifts magazine. I feel so honoured to be included!

  18. Gill Says:

    A great hop – thanks!

  19. Deborah Says:

    Thanks for the inspirations for thread painting. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try. I look forward to seeing the DVD.

  20. Kristin Freeman Says:

    Hello Sarah
    Really enjoyed the little DVD preview. like the “brake finger” instruction…great new method for me to use. I would be thrilled to win in the giveaway drawing that you are presenting. And if I am not a winner I will surely purchase the winning DVD…it looks just fabulous.

  21. Barbara Williams Says:

    Thank you for the Great youtube, I have just started art quilting. Great blog hop.

  22. Phyllis Carlyle Says:

    I enjoyed “meeting” fascinating people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Houston Quilt Festival again!

  23. Helen Anne Says:

    It looks like an excellent DVD Sarah. I’ve seen lots of reminders to keep trying and not to be afraid of working in public

  24. Rhonda Dunn Says:

    Your work always inspires me! Maybe I will get lucky!

  25. Adele Rivers Says:

    I learned that I want to make some thread art on my 7700!

  26. Debbie St. Germain Says:

    I love playing with free motion quilting and love the idea of thread painting. I learned that your dvd can get me started and teach me more advanced techniques as I go along.


  27. Pam Says:

    Thanks for an awesome hop! Exploring everyone’s sites has really inspired me to try new techniques. One of the things I learned (thank you Deborah!) was how to make a stamp by wrapping yarn around a stamping block. Thanks for eye candy and fun!

  28. Mary Ann Van Soest Says:

    Would love to have those Havels I just discovered them. I am definitely going to buy this cd it looks awesome.

  29. Debbie M Says:

    I saw the above video clip in Gloria’s blog and I liked your to the point teaching style. I had never been to Diane Perin Hock’s blog before and enjoyed scrolling through it. Thanks for counting me in, Sarah Ann!

  30. Dany Siler Says:

    I have learned so much I’m surprised my head does not explode in a fireworks extravaganza of color and ideas. It sure would be great to have new goodies to play with, trying to capture an inspiration or three.

  31. Jeanelle McCall Says:

    I’m so excited for your continued achievements… Yeah Sarah Ann……

  32. Ruth Carden Says:

    Sarah, I have been making quilts for 50+ years and there is always something new to be learned. Thank you. I plan to never stop learning.

  33. Wendy Says:

    I really enjoyed the feature on Carol Deards of Santa Rosa, CA, found at Vicki Welsh’s blog. Meow!
    Please put my name in the pot!

  34. Beth B Says:

    I have wanted to try thread painting for a long time and feel I can now with your instruction. Thanks for the chance to win a fabulous prize package.

  35. Bethany Garner Says:

    Sarah, every step of this blog-hop adventure has been great fun. From fusibles to layout, to colour play and stitching the designs that we all have in mind using simple techniques for transferring your ideas into stitched embellishment and texturing of our projects. YOU are the major inspiration for all new work I am attempting in my studio. Taking the quilts and art pieces I have developed and set aside – now starting again with a goal to finish. I have a renewed excitement and more confidence, using your book and now the DVD as inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your friends and their awesome tips and techniques with each of us. I have passed along the links and we are all taking in new information that will help us get the work ready for sharing in exhibitions and SALES!
    Bethany in Kingston,ON and yes, I will pay the postage!

  36. carol denning Says:

    wow so very much inspiration and information throughout the blog hop; you have some very nice friends (and suppliers!!). What I learned was to see and then keep doing…more advanced techniques can be learned …thread painting included!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  37. ElaineM Says:

    I learned that your thread work adds a huge sense of realism to the fiber art work. Thanks for sharing what you know. You are so generous.

  38. Lydia Says:

    Threadwork is an important part of finished work and is something I need to master because of the dimensionality it gives. I learned more about you, the people who support you, and that I need this dvd!

  39. Sylvia Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! And the chance! Good luck with your teaching.

  40. LeeAnna Paylor Says:

    my fingers are crossed, hope I win
    LeeAnna Paylor

  41. Peggi Yacovissi Says:

    I like the way you fused your central image without putting it on the background right away. Seems like greater flexibility for color choice.

  42. gail myrhorodsky Says:

    Great ideas, wonderful thread painting. I enjoyed the whole bloghop. Hope I win! Thanks for sharing.

  43. Susan Isaacson Says:

    This looks exactly what I’ve been trying to do. Can’t wait till the DVD comes out, and I’d love to learn more about the use of MistyFuse! Would love to be part of your drawing! I love thread painting and want to learn more!

  44. textilerecycler Says:

    What a great hop! I learned that you have fantastic creative friends that support you in your creative endeavors. Sometimes that is the best creative tool of all… motivation and inspiration from those who care about us the most. Would love to learn some of your techniques :) Thank you..

  45. Cindy Clarke Says:

    I really enjoyed learning how to use misty fuse. I have used other fusibles but misty fuse looks very flexible and adaptable. I would love to win your Drawing and I don’t mind sharing the shipping cost. It would be a thrill to win. Thanks for all the fun and info youhave been sharing the last couple of weeks.

  46. Diane Says:

    What a great blog hop. I learned there are so many creative ways to play with fabric and thread! Gloria Hansen’s work and photography are beautiful and I love how Jamie Fingal’s work and fabric are so bright and cheerful. Thank you!

  47. Susan Says:

    I was interoduced to several new-to-me blogs which I will visit for further inspiration in the future.

  48. Karen Miller Says:

    I have never done a blog hop before. What a fun way to se the work of artists whose names I knew and to hear their thoughts in their own words.

  49. Susan Parker Says:

    I love how so many artists use their photos of nature for inspiration. It’s nice to read about their work, almost like chatting with them in person.

  50. Lois Frankel Says:

    I enjoyed looking at your tutorials, particularly the one on texture with dyeing. I would love to learn more about thread painting, so please enter me in the giveaway drawing.

  51. Jim Vander Noot Says:

    Love the snowflake ornaments! Might even try them, since I’ll be more serious about decorations this year.

  52. Susan Armstrong Says:

    I loved the thread painting. I really need to try it on some of my pieces. Thanks for running this drawing, someone will be a very happy quilter!

  53. Ethel Tobin Says:

    Thanks for having the blog hop.
    It was great to see all the blogs.

  54. Robin Parton Says:

    Well I mainly learned on this blog hop that I am still the unluckiest person around. Left a comment at every blog and my name did not come up. I did however find new wonderful blogs to follow, so thank you for that.

  55. Jacquie Billot Says:

    I love the thread painting. Also I learned about new designers. Thanks for the blog.

  56. Pamela Gilfoyle Says:

    I loved the thread painting , and the inspiration from other blogs so great to see others work and how to do things .

  57. Benedicte Caneill Says:

    Great preview of the video! Sounds like an amazing technique. I learned how thread painting can be like using your crayons! I’ve go to try this! The blog hop makes one feel part of a great community of artists.

  58. Evelyn Chagnon Says:

    Sarah, you are my creative rock star! What a bountiful prize!

  59. Marlene Says:

    Thanks for the inspirations of thread painting. I’m excited to try more of this awesome technique.

  60. Barbara Says:

    Sarah, I will let someone else claim the prize; but just want you to know much you inspire others to go forward! I am so pleased to watch your career, and to watch you continually to encourage and inspire others! Congrats on the new DVD!

  61. Anne Graves Says:

    Great blog! I learned that I may actually have developed most of the skills necessary to do a “picture quilt” as I call them!

  62. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    THE DRAWING IS NOW CLOSED! Feel free to leave comments, but the drawing is happening NOW!

  63. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    And the winner is Number 42, Gail Myrhorodsky!