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Busy during Lockdown!

I’ll be teaching at the Mancuso quilt shows later this year and next! They asked teachers to do a brief 1-minute video. To no one’s surprise, my first attempt ran long…at least it was only 3 minutes and not 10 LOL! But I decided to upload the longer version here. I hope you’ll enjoy this peek at what I’ve been doing and maybe take a workshop with me at one of the Mancuso shows–I’ll be in Massachusetts in August of 2020–or at International Quilt Festival Houston in Fall.

2 Responses to “Busy during Lockdown!”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Such temptation!

    I’ve noticed that your videos from home are weak in the audio department. Is there any way, on your end, to up the volume on your voice, please?

    Thanks, and love peeking into your studio.

    PS. Where are the fur kids?

  2. Sarah Ann Smith Says:

    Hi Claudia! Thanks for letting me know. The audio on my computer is pretty strong…like it would be too loud if I turned it all the way up. What device are you using? I just checked it on my phone, too, a new iPhone, and with the “dot” about halfway between muted and loudest is pretty strong….. I definitely want people to be able to hear! And fur kids: snoozing by the wood stove. We’ve been in the 40s and low 50s, but today was in the mid to upper 30s, wet, damp, rainy, dreary, so Paul built a fire to warm up the house! I posted a pic of Widgeon on FB yesterday, and will probably do one of Boo this evening. I’ll have to do a critter roundup blogpost!